The Atlantic Goes Over the Edge in Its Attack on the Rosary


We have seen left-leaning people use extreme views to demonize anyone who is not in line with their liberal narrative.

The FBI has been involved in this, demonizing patriotic American symbols such as the Gadsden or Betsy Ross flags as “extremist.”

The Atlantic is one of these venues.

They went too far with their latest attempt, claiming that the Rosary has become an “extremist symbol.”

Let’s first say that you may not know the meaning of the sacraments. Don’t try to pretend that you are able to convey the correct information. The Catholic Church has seven sacraments, the rosary not one.

Let’s get to the core of the attack on the rosary. The Atlantic is the same outlet as the Atlantic that minimizes attacks on pro-life centers (many of which are Catholic), calling firebombing “vandalism”, and attacking the right to the bargain.

Notice how radical pro-abortion extremists weren’t called “extremists” in the headline. The Right is creating a “bogeyman” but somehow, The Atlantic considers the rosary “extremist”.

Let’s talk about the anti-Catholic bigotry that seems to be rampant. It is absurd and hateful to suggest that the rosary can be used as a symbol of hate. It is like demonizing the Catholic faith by implying that some people may post photos of it with guns.

Perhaps The Atlantic is referring to Joe Biden and extremists, but they aren’t talking about Joe Biden. Beau Biden gave Biden a rosary that he wore around his wrist. Biden didn’t seem to understand the true meaning of the Rosary, which is for prayer to be closer to God. This was evident from one of his past comments. He reportedly said to a 2005 crowd, “The next Republican that says I’m not religious”: “I’m going down their throats with my rosary beads.”

They received a lot of criticism from the public. They changed the headline to make it appear that they weren’t really meaning what they said. It almost seemed like they were defending rosary.

We appreciate your efforts, but it was clear that you were not being completely honest.

One thing is true about the writer. Although the rosary can be used as a weapon, it is also a prayer weapon against evil. Prayer of the Rosary can be used to defend, strengthen your faith, and increase your knowledge of God. Only those on the wrong side should have any problem with it.


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