The Best Trump Impersonator Weighs in on 9-0 SCOTUS Ruling

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You may all have your favorite Trump impersonator, but to my mind, it’s hands-down one guy, an internet personality named Shawn Farash. Although he doesn’t physically resemble the former president and GOP frontrunner for the presidential nomination, he’s got Trump’s vocal cadence and quirky delivery so pat that it’s a pleasure to watch.

He describes himself as: “Captain Deplorable. Host – UNGOVERNED on LFA TV. Constitutional Conservative. High Energy.”

Take a look at as he weighs in on the SCOTUS decision that kept Trump on the Colorado ballot:

He perfectly encapsulates the GOP frontrunner and former president:

Well, I’m back on that big, beautiful, highly respected ballot, the Supreme Court – nine nothing, I call it unanimous. They put me back on the ballot and reversed Colorado’s decision faster than Chris Christie reversed his LAP-Band. 
 A lot of people know about it. He found all of the weight he lost — with interest. That’s a lot of weight when you think about it. Even Ketanji Brown Jackson, who doesn’t know what a woman is, knew that I’d belong on that ballot, and now they’re putting me back on there and they’re going to put my name on that ballot in 24 karat gold. It’s going to be incredible. 

I’m back on the ballot. I’m not going anywhere. But the White House, and we will make America great again. 

Believe me. 

He nails Trump’s delivery perfectly. And this isn’t the first time Farash has tweaked the Democrats:

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Not surprisingly, he weighed in on Trump’s infamous mugshot

Although comedy is a user’s choice – some may find a comedian funny while others might feel he misses the mark – I find this to be a hilarious, spot-on impersonation of Trump.

Too bad Saturday Night Live and their ilk can’t get it right – they just keep putting out woke nonsense that mocks the former president and GOP frontrunner but completely misses Trump’s allure to the voting public.

The press—the media that so many of us grew up on—can simply no longer be trusted anymore. And that is a sad thing.


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