The Biden Administration Just Sold Out Taiwan, and No One Noticed


The Biden administration sold Taiwan out on Monday, and it appears that almost no one noticed. 

The comments came during an interview on CNBC in which Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke out about Chinese dictator Xi Jinping’s desire to directly rule the island. Instead of reinforcing the status quo, which assumes Tawinese self-governance, Yellen actually went to bat for the Chinese position.

That follows on the heels of the administration rolling out the red carpet for Xi Jinping in San Francisco as part of the annual APEC conference. In some of the scenes, one would be forgiven for mistaking the city for Beijing. Far from showing strength and resolve, the president (and California Gov. Gavin Newsom) played the role of sycophant. What the United States got in return, if anything, remains unclear.

As to Yellen’s commentary, do you know what peaceful unification with mainland China looks like? It looks like tanks rolling into Hong Kong and protesters being thrown in prison for opposing the dissolution of their basic rights. We’ve already seen that movie before. There is no scenario where China and Taiwan “unify” peacefully, with freedom and democracy being maintained for those who live on the island. 

Yellen knows that. Which is why her comments are so egregious and morally bankrupt. What does China have on this administration? I don’t think I’ve ever seen the United States try so hard to garner the blessing of a genocidal maniac. I know Democrats like to obsess over Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un, but the reality of that situation is that nothing was given up in the process. 

When it comes to China, Biden and his pro-CCP cabinet members are making active concessions to a foreign adversary that not only wants to cripple the United States but actually has some capacity to do so. North Korea is largely irrelevant outside of concerns for Japan as an ally. China has the world’s largest navy and a manufacturing base that could bring American supply chains to their knees. 

We should be looking at how to become less dependent on the Chinese, not doing their bidding on international affairs. In that clip, Yellen sounds like a spokesperson for the CCP. I mean, she bears a striking resemblance to Chairman Mao, but this is all a bit much. 


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