The Biden Administration Wants You to Suffer


I don’t feel like I’m required to inform anyone reading this about the news. As you probably know, things aren’t going as planned under the Biden administration.

This is a sentence that I have typed far too many times over the past year. Inflation continues to rise at an astronomical rate, gas prices continue rising, and the border remains in chaos. The stock market crashed over the last month, threatening people’s retirement plans and investment portfolios. People’s dreams are going to be put on hold for years because they have no hope of achieving their goals.

The White House’s response to their self-inflicted wounds is not empathy. While it wouldn’t be much, it would give people some peace of mind that their leaders aren’t actively trying to destroy them.

This is what seems to be happening. These people want to make you suffer.

This is the President of the United States calling the $5.00 per gallon gasoline that is crushing Americans an “incredible transformation”. He also stated that we will become “less dependent” on fossil fuels in the end.

This is, in other words: it’s all deliberate. Biden and his aides saw an opportunity for the destruction of the energy market, and they have made every effort to make it a reality. After canceling more oil and natural gas leases that could have provided long-term relief from price pressures, the most recent example was taken by Biden.

Biden is not the only one who has made this clear. Jennifer Granholm, Energy Secretary, was heavily invested in electric vehicle production and has repeatedly told Americans to “pound the sand” about high gas prices. Granholm’s suggestion? Her suggestion? Home charging can take up to 24 hours, even if you have a garage.

While the president says that this difficult, preventable effort will make us stronger, I find it hard to believe that becoming almost entirely dependent on China will not weaken the United States. The same concerns are applicable to solar power and batteries. It is absurd to think that the energy policy of the Biden administration would give the power of the global economy to a communist dictatorship. It is even worse than the Biden administration actively chooses to do this.

We have moved beyond simple political disagreement to the realm of deliberate sabotage in pursuit of a delusional partisan goal. They’re not hiding the truth. They want you to suffer.


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