The Democrats’ Base Is Fleeing at an Alarming Rate


There are many data points available from various sources. These data points can be used to show why Democrats, barring any miracle, have completely failed this election cycle.

On Monday, only 29 percent believed Joe Biden had set the correct priorities during his term. 71% said he ignored the most important issues. And, 35% of voters of color believe he has the right priorities. 64% think he is not on the right track.

A poll by the nation’s largest teacher unions found that Ron DeSantis is liked by his constituents in Florida. The union had to ask teachers for changes in their talking points.

A battleground state survey was released by one of the opposition national teachers’ unions the day before DeSantis’s speech. It showed that voters supported some of DeSantis’ education policy positions.

Hart Research’s survey was circulated by the American Federation of Teachers as an appeal for arms to its members, and allies. They were asked to place more emphasis on popular suggestions such as increasing school funding and decreasing school size and lessening cultural-centered conflicts.

One poll showed that voters are more inclined to vote for candidates who believe that schools should focus less on teaching race and more on core subjects. They voted 28:1 in favor of transgender women being barred from participating in girls’ sports.

A new poll in Georgia shows that Brian Kemp has been achieving surprising results, even among minorities.

Both working-class and Hispanic voters oppose the social issues Democrats want them to focus on, rather than the economic problems plaguing this country.

Progressive Democrats are at greater odds with Hispanic voters than ever. Hispanic voters are now voting at a higher level than they were before 2016. This is due to the push for social reform by the latter. This allowed Trump to win blue-collar states and ended the Democrats’ hold on the rust belt.

However, Hispanic voters now not only disapprove the President Joe Biden’s agenda but also actively support Republicans on key issues. Although working-class voters are the backbone of Democrats in these rust belt areas, they also make up the majority in Florida and Texas. Hispanic voters voted for Trump because of the Obama administration’s attacks against mining and factory jobs.

This is a dire picture for Democrats. Democrats are losing key demographic segments which have been a crucial part of their strategy for decades.

Democrats believe that “demography decides destiny.” They believe that “demography determines destiny”. Many of these groups left the Democratic Party after they switched to identity politics, extreme social views, and identity politics.

They’ve whirled past this cemetery all the time. Republicans are winning larger and greater percentages of Hispanic voters in Florida and Texas.

Black voters are becoming dissatisfied with Biden. These Democrats are losing the base upon which they rely before the November midterms.

Demography is not fate. You must work hard to keep those votes. You must understand what voters want from your politicians to do this.


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