The Lefts Memes of Stacey Abrams Are Absolutely Dreadful


It’s a fact that Democratic politicians don’t make funny jokes. Georgia’s governor, Stacey Abrams is the latest example.

Let’s look at some context. This meme is about the Little Miss and Mr. Men children’s book series that Roger Hargreaves (a British illustrator and author) started in 1971.

Chance Townsend. Mashable explains how the Little Miss memes were created in 1971 when Hargreaves was asked for a description of a tickle. It dates back to Hargreaves’ father Adam, who was succeeded by Adam Hargreaves who took over the Mr. Men Series with new stories, drawings, and illustrations.

Mashable thanks @juulpuppy for creating the meme trend for the 2022 revivals of Little Miss and Mr. Men. Abrams published her lame version of Little Miss on Tuesday.

This meme is absolutely terrible and does not work on two levels. This renders the meme ineffective.

Second: Stacey Abrams has been fired as Georgia’s governor.

Here’s the scoop: Governor Abrams is five votes behind Brian Kemp. The race between Sen. Raphael Warnock, D.Ga. The race between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D.Ga.) and football great Herschel Walker — has a Democrat win — is within the margins.

This polling follows the Peach State trend of Republicans polling lower in summer than fall. Abrams and Republicans are extremely favorable to the 2022 elections.

Abrams’ Instagram post is so naive that it reminds me of a post by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This one doesn’t age well. You can make your own jokes about Hillary getting older.

Let’s face it, running for office requires some arrogance. It is dangerous to turn that attitude into a negative meme. Especially when it backfires as it did for Hillary.

Abrams’ Instagram meme “The Meme of the Day” is too presumptuous. Stacey Abrams provided more proof that the left can’t meme.


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