The Queen of Bad Takes Is Back With Incredible Attack on Trump for Invoking the Fifth Amendment


We need to look beyond current political events and focus on the pundits who do more than the minimum. Everyone has a bad view. Everybody can have a bad view. Sometimes, however, there’s a take so bad that it is almost unbearable that we have to stop and acknowledge the pundit’s dedication to terrible punditry.

With this in mind, I want to recognize Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post columnist, Queen of the Bad Takes), for reaching for the brass band.

Taking the 5th is their prerogative, but it’s voters’ prerogative to hold it against them as evidence that they are putting themselves above the interests of the country.

— Jennifer “Pro-privacy” Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) August 17, 2022

Rubin’s piece titled “Taking the Fifth should disqualify a political candidate from running for office” shows how she has mastered her craft. We’ve seen Rubin’s ability not to embarrass herself when even outlets such as POLITICO need to point out how absurd she is before, but this is just one of many examples of how broken she really is.

In New York’s investigation of his finances, Donald Trump invoked the more than 400 times the Fifth Amendment. Although the former president who was defeated and accused of mishandling classified material is entitled to self-incrimination it doesn’t mean that he’s immune from adverse judgment from either the jury or the voters.

This is a great opening. It’s actually her opening statement.

She continues to criticize herself while calling for Trump’s punishment for invoking the Fifth Amendment lower down. (In between the last quote, and here, she heavily quotes progressive lawyer Lawrence Tribe who has been known for saying some very wild things). This column is dedicated to the absurd idea that anyone who wants to exercise their rights should be held against them forever.

The Constitution does not prohibit a person from holding a federal office. However, Section 3 of Amendment 14th, which bars anyone from being elected to office for “insurrection against the same” or giving aid or comfort to its enemies, is a disqualification.

Trump’s supporters might argue that he has never been convicted. Voters are free to draw their own conclusions regarding Trump’s underlying conduct and his refusal to testify. Norman Eisen, who was co-counsel to the House Judiciary Committee’s first hearings on Trump’s impeachment, stated that there is a “bond” between an official with the people of the country, which can be “created through election or appointment and also cemented via the oath. This “bond” should be grounds for disqualification for Trump if he wants to run again.

It’s not a new idea, but it is not uncommon. For years, Democrats have opposed gun ownership, free speech, and the free exercise of religion. The Fifth Amendment’s right not to incriminate oneself is the most criticized right. It’s not an admission that you are guilty. It’s often to prevent prosecutors/the government from being able to use your words and actions against you to press more charges. It is a form of protection.

Trump believes the government is out for him so he won’t give them any more ammunition. The Rubins of the World don’t like Trump admitting to his crimes and trying to overthrow the government to make himself the Supreme Dictator Forever.

Let’s raise a glass to Rubin, who has done so many things to improve Bad Punditry and has far exceeded our expectations.

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