The Rise of ‘Womanface’ and the Glorification of Mental Illness


Dylan Mulvaney, a TikToker, has made a name for himself by documenting every day his newfound girlhood. He pretends to be a woman and discovers things every day, which is a lot of what has earned him quite the following. Ulta recognized him by the noise he made on the platform and asked him to sit down with him for an interview about “girlhood” with a man who identified as “nonbinary.”

The story didn’t end there. Immediately afterward, Mulvaney was invited by the White House for a conversation with Joe Biden. The interview was recorded and proudly published by the White House.

If you are able to stomach it, this is Mulvaney’s content. This is the first upload from an anonymous TikTok account, with no context.

You might have thought this was a TikTok joke about ridiculous women if you saw it out of the blue. It looks almost like a Monty Python-inspired joke by some unknown comedian. Sadly, it’s not. Mulvaney is very serious. Mulvaney claims that this is the new womanhood. He also believes that mainstream society, including Washington’s leaders, agrees with him.

Mulvaney’s actions are something that I have seen online labeled “woman face”. It’s the same as the “blackface” that leftists will selectively remove people depending on their political affiliation. Blackface and women-face are different in that they both focus on gender.

Both are a mockery of what they’re pretending to be, but, as I have previously explained, both are social faux pas and one is encouraged to the point that it is a protected identity.

Transgenderism is not harmless, despite all the cheerleading from the establishment media and Democrat Party. It is a mental disorder called “gender dysphoria” and comes with high suicide and depression rates.

I don’t care if a mature adult male feels the need to go from Chuck to Chuckina. It’s his decision. Chuckina and other trans cult members have made it a force for everyone, making it a powerful force within our society. It is a way to get out of life’s problems, and people particularly stressed youth, gravitate towards it. They often do irreparable harm to themselves and cast away those who love them.

They have now targeted this canon at our children and politicians with sanity are working overtime to stop doctors and scientists from abusing kids.

Mulvaney and other “woman face” advocates are used for creating a pleasant, seemingly harmless facade for a rapidly spreading mind virus that is rapidly killing our society. It is making great progress in today’s youth and has every intention of normalizing itself.

This won’t last forever, the good news is. People who have had to transition after believing the lie are more likely to express regret. Detransitioning is becoming more common than what our establishment media would like to admit.

We shouldn’t be waiting for this inevitable. Children are being forced to accept this mental illness far more than they may realize. Teenage girls, particularly, are being pushed to embrace transgenderism the same way that they’re being pressed to adopt modern feminist beliefs. Every day, their insecurity is being exploited.

Mulvaney is a toxic figure for both the individual and society. Mulvaney is an attempt to normalize a disease that could cause disruptions in society’s understanding of basic nature and natural order. This can do serious damage to those who believe it.

It should be condemned at all costs. It should be addressed immediately and promptly if you are aware of it in the school, extracurricular activities, television programs, books, or other media. You are fighting for the future of American society and not your child’s stability, even if it sounds dramatic.


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