The UN Calls for Israel to Rid Itself of Nuclear Weapons


The United Nations has ruled that Israel must get rid of any nuclear weapons it may have. The United Nations has no opinion on Iran.

The UN General Assembly voted 152-5 on Friday to require Israel to surrender its nuclear weapons and allow any sites that contain nuclear material within its borders, under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The United States, Canada, and Israel were the only countries that voted against it. The European Union and 23 other countries abstained.

Fox News reports that Israel does not have any nuclear weapons. However, it is widely believed that they do. Iran is advancing its nuclear program and is close to obtaining uranium suitable for weapons.

The Jerusalem Post included in its article the subheadline, “Israel never admitted to possessing nuclear weapons but nonetheless, the UNGA resolution aimed at Israel was directed at Israel, rather than Iran.”

It was also reminded that Israel had not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and the resolution stated that Israel should.

…accede immediately to the Treaty, and not to develop, produce or test nuclear weapons.

According to the paper, the First Committee also approved a resolution to establish a “nuclear-free zone” in the Middle East. Even more disappointingly, Michal Maayan, the Israeli deputy ambassador to the UN, didn’t seem to be interested in what was happening in Iran.

This is a common resolution. It may seem like it’s normal to consider it that way. The UN states that there are no nukes in Israel. Israel insists it does not have any. Iran is ignored. See you next year.

Let’s not forget that the UN human rights council was established in Geneva in October. According to The Guardian, the group voted 19-17 against a U.S. request to hold a debate over a report by the UN human rights council accusing China of massive abuses and “crimes against mankind.” Mexico joined the discussion but declined to participate after China made the demand. Even Indonesia, which is said to support the Uyghurs’ cause, rejected the invitation for discussion.

This not only shows how much influence China has but also the absence of a UN backbone. It may also reveal the UN’s true priorities. It is not willing to overlook China’s abuses against the Uyghurs and other citizens. Why should we trust it for a nuclear-free Middle East zone, especially when it ignores the nuclear programs of nations with a history of abuse?


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