The View’s Navarro Grills Charlie Crist On Previous Pro-Life Stance, Running Mate


Ana Navarro, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” attacked Charlie Crist, Florida Democratic gubernatorial Candidat for flipping from his conservative platform to his current Democratic platform on Friday’s episode.

She also interrogated him about his choice of Karla Hernandez-Mats, a teachers union boss and alleged Fidel Castro sympathizer, as his running mate.

Crist is currently in second place in the polls behind his opponent, the incumbent governor. Ron DeSantis (Republican from Florida) spoke to talk show hosts about his platform for gubernatorial and how he intends to defeat DeSantis. It was Navarro who, a long-time critic of Crist’s, who held his feet to fire during the sit down.

Navarro began Crist’s exchange by mentioning how his political affiliations had changed over the years, including his many attempts to run for office in Florida. “You ran for office in Florida 16 times,” Navarro said. “You have been in 16 elections over the past three decades.” You’ve changed from a staunch Republican to an Independent to a Democrat in that time.

The audio of the robocall was played. Charlie Crist’s voice said, “I am pro-life. I opposed amnesty to illegal immigrants. I support traditional marriage. I have never supported any new tax or large spending program.”

Crist, 2006-era, added that “I support a Constitutional Amendment to Protect Traditional Marriage, and I Oppose Adoption by Gay Couples, and I Work to Ensure the Right to Display the Ten Commandments In Public Places.”

Navarro then asked, “Those were your words.” What would you tell skeptics such as me, who believe you have changed parties simply because you are a political mercenary?

“How can you convince me?” She demanded. Crist replied, “I changed parties because I changed my party.” Crist argued that the problem began with the rise and spread of the GOP’s Tea Party wing, and has “metastasized” since then. He said, “I couldn’t stomach it any longer.” Crist attacked Governor DeSantis and the Republican Party for being so anti-minority.

Navarro was not convinced. She said, “Actually you were embracing many of the policy issues back then, that Republicans still embrace today.” Crist doubled down on the claim that the GOP had changed.

Sunny Hostin, Crist’s co-host, asked him if he had changed his views on traditional marriage and pro-life. He said he was pro-choice and pro-marriage equality.

Later, Navarro called out Crist for his running mate Karla Hernandez Mats, a teacher union boss who once caused controversy by tweeting “A political figure dies aged 90.” While Miami is celebrating, Cubans mourn #FidelCastro.

Navarro couldn’t believe Crist would pick someone who sympathizes with Castro to be lieutenant Governor in a state that has a large number of people fleeing Castro’s communist Cuba. She stated, “You’ve been running Florida since dinosaurs roamed the earth. You are familiar with the Castro issue and what it means for South Florida. You were friends with Cuban American colleagues at the state senate, congress.

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