Those Poll Numbers in Virginia Just Got Worse for Joe Biden

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Joe Biden’s poll numbers are already in deep doo. 

I’ve mentioned how in states he should be able to count on as reliably blue, he seems to be losing ground, too, in addition to doing badly in the “battleground states.” The states I was talking about were Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Virginia. 


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Now, the numbers for Joe Biden have just gotten worse in a new poll in Virginia. In the last poll I wrote about for Virginia, Biden was up by one, so it was basically already a dead heat. 

But now, in a new poll — Roanoke College — it’s officially tied in a head-to-head match. This new poll confirms and adds weight to the prior poll, showing how much Biden has slipped in the state. And it’s a poll of likely voters. 

If a head-to-head matchup were held in Virginia today, Biden and Trump would both get 42 percent of the vote, according to the poll conducted by Roanoke College’s Institute for Policy and Opinion Research between May 12 and May 21. 
The Democratic incumbent would hold a slim 2-point lead over the former president—40 percent to 38 percent—with the inclusion of third-party candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West.
The Wednesday poll came on the heels of several abysmal polls for Biden. A Harvard CAPS/Harris poll last week revealed Biden is trailing Trump by 6 points nationally, while a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll last week and a New York Times poll earlier this month both found Trump ahead of the Democratic incumbent in five anticipated swing states.

Democrats have won the last four presidential elections in Virginia, but now Virginia looks to be clearly in play. 

According to the official numbers, Biden took Virginia in 2020 by ten points. So this is a train wreck for him. 

If Virginia flips, then you have to think that Biden is done. So this is really an indication that he’s on the brink if the polls are accurate. His path to 270 appears to be crumbling around him. No wonder he’s so desperate, and his campaign is doing crazy things like race-baiting speeches and showing up at Trump’s trial in New York. They’re desperate to move the needle, and everything he’s doing is backfiring in real-time. Those bad moves don’t help him; they only make him look worse. 


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