Three Illegal Aliens Charged With Kidnapping and Sexually Assaulting Woman in Florida

AP Photo/Moises Castillo

Three illegal aliens from Guatemala were recently arrested in Palm Beach County, Florida for allegedly grabbing a woman from behind, putting her in a chokehold, and throwing her into the back of a pickup truck.. The men allegedly sexually assaulted her, driving to two locations before the woman eventually escaped.

Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas were unavailable for comment.

The MAGA War Room was on it — justifiably so.

WPTV 5 News revealed police pulled over Morales for driving without a license in January. Morales was not turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. 

The obvious question: Why not? Never mind. (See: “Joe Biden.”)

Here’s more (emphasis, mine):

The arrests of Marcos Felipe Ramirez, 31, Darniel Ordónez Jimenez, 30, and Andres Felipe Morales, 29, prompted Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw to torch the federal government under the Biden administration for putting “the American people in jeopardy” during a fiery press conference on Wednesday announcing the charges against the trio. 
Ramirez, Jimenez and Morales were “apprehended for a series of heinous charges including sexual battery, false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit sexual battery, and conspiracy to commit false imprisonment,” the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office wrote on X on Tuesday, sharing their booking photos. “The incident took place in Lake Worth, on March 11th. Thankfully, the brave victim escaped and got help, leading to their capture.

Bradshaw told reporters, seemingly in reference to Laken Riley, the Georgia nursing student who was brutally murdered and disfigured while running on the University of Georgia’s campus:

Don’t think for a minute that what happens at the Mexican border doesn’t affect us here. Here you have three illegals that should have never been in this country that have committed a very serious crime — kidnapping and sexual battery of a lady. They shouldn’t be here. This is the same thing we saw where the student was killed by the person that was here illegally.

Illegal alien Jose Ibarra, a Venezuelan national, was arrested and charged with Riley’s murder.

Bradshaw was on a roll as he continued:

For them to be in this country, for them to be able to commit these types of crimes is unconscionable. The federal government has put the American people in jeopardy. Our intelligence section, who works very closely with the FBI, has also identified that the most dangerous gangs in the world are now in Miami from Venezuela. They make MS-13 look like school kids. They’re not going to stay just in Miami.

The sheriff’s reference to “not going to stay just in Miami” should send chills down the spine of every rational American.

On the other hand, irrational Americans like Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas continue to straight-up lie to the American peopleWhile Biden continues to lie about lacking executive-action authority — which is incorrect — to stop the crisis he intentionally started, serial-lying Mayorkas laughably continues to insist the Department of Homeland Security is doing everything it can to secure the border.

The Bottom Line

In a sense, one of the definitions of insanity (often misattributed to Einstein) — doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results — is applicable to the illegal alien crisis that now become a virtual invasion. 

In contrast, Biden and Democrats have zero desire to stop the flow of illegals into this country. 

Enough is enough.


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