Time Magazine Tries to Link Buffalo Mass Shooting to Effort to Overturn Roe


Continue to be shameful and absurd attempts by the media to connect the recent massacre in Buffalo with conservatives.

Time magazine’s Saturday article, “What the Buffalo Tragedies Have to Do with the Struggle to Overturn Roe,” expanded on the usual rhetoric.

Spoiler alert! Nothing at all. It is absurd to try to connect Payton Gendron’s racism to the pro-life movement in this article. His manifesto doesn’t mention abortion even once. It has never been mentioned. Jasmine Aguilera, the author, tossed a 1,600+ word salad in a desperate attempt to find a link. This is obviously wrong and I’ll explain why.

She claims that the replacement theory, which she falsely links with Tucker Carlson and Fox News, is linked to efforts to repeal Roe v. Wade. Aguilera says that conspiracy theories also drive opposition to abortion.

She supports the thesis that is based on the claim by one left-wing gender studies prof who claims that the anti-abortion movement was born in the 19th Century of white fears about a declining white population.

According to the left, pro-life is racist.

This professor may not know or refuse to admit that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, had the ultimate goal to “exterminate negro populations” and that 80% of Planned Parenthood abortion centers are located in minority communities. Gendron’s racist views may be linked to Roe’s overturning efforts, but Gendron’s statistics show that abortions are more common among Hispanics and blacks than for whites.

Rates of abortion by race and ethnicity

Aguilera may have found this out during her research. However, she decided to flip the script and argue that anti-abortion racism was deeply convoluted because minorities receive disproportionately more abortions compared to white Americans.

The article acknowledges Gendron’s manifesto does not mention abortion, and that abortion is a far more common option for minorities than it is for whites. It ignores Planned Parenthood’s racist roots. This article is absurd and serves only one purpose: perpetuating the false link between the shooter, the political right, and the media is desperate to promote this narrative.


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