Trump Demands to Be Declared the Rightful Winner or Have a New Election, Immediately!


Two weeks ago, former President Donald Trump was celebrated for his private message to Attorney General Merrick Garland following the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. He said that “The country has caught fire.” What can I do? Me, too.

Do you remember two days ago, when Trump called for the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election? Or to have a new election immediately!? Those same “some circles,” also opined on that story. Me, neither.

The man who two weeks ago stated that “the temperature must be brought down” after the Mar-a-Lago raid is now waging a furious battle, claiming that “conclusive” information on the FBI’s burying of the Hunter Biden laptop scam prior to the 2020 elections not only affected election results but also gave a valid reason for Trump to be “reinstated” in office or to call for a new one.

It is now clear that the FBI BURIED HUNTER-BIDEN LAPTOP STUDY BEFORE THE ELECTION, knowing that if they did, Trump would have won easily. This is a massive fraud and election interference at a level that has never been seen in this country. REMEDY: Declare who is the rightful winner. Or, as a minimum solution, declare the 2020 Elections irreparably compromised. Have a new Election immediately.

Trump used the operative word “conclusively” again. We might revisit that.

As I have repeatedly stated, the U.S. Constitution does not allow a presidential election to be “overturned”. However, Trump’s case allows for a president to be “reinstalled” as a president. There is no provision to declare a new election, a “do over,” as it were. Despite that, Trump doesn’t believe Trump has the constitutional authority to declare a new election.

Trump was correct about the shocking disclosure by Mark Zuckerberg to Joe Rogan regarding FBI pressure on Facebook to algorithmically censor negative Hunter Biden reports prior to the election. However, his claim that Trump “would have easily won the 2020 presidential election” is still unsubstantiated.

Rogan was informed by Zuckerberg that the FBI had warned Facebook not to spread “alleged Russian disinformation” prior to the election. This was in connection with a New York Post article about Hunter’s laptop. According to Zuckerberg, this led to a “meaningful” decrease in the number of stories appearing in users’ news feeds during the last week of the election campaign. Translation: censorship.

Zuckerberg also testified before the Senate Commerce Committee on October 28, 2020, that the FBI instructed Facebook that it be “on high alert” and sensitive if approved documents were found. We should be suspicious that this might be part of an attempt to manipulate foreign countries.

I will venture to bet that if the FBI flew Donald Trump’s wingman while he was still in office, like it and Merrick Garland’s DOJ do now, and pressured Zuckerberg into censoring negative news about Donald Trump Jr.’s, Zuck would have run to the nearest liberal media outlet to expose the story.

Trump: As many people, including a large percentage of Trump supporters, have said a zillion times: Donald Trump is his worst enemy or, as Michael P. Ramirez, a political cartoonist, called his August 31 cartoon, “The root of Trump’s problems.”


Trump is not going to win by continuing to relitigate 2020. The 2020 election was “rigged” or “stolen”, and those who believe it need no further convincing. It is impossible to believe that it was true, regardless of the protestations by those who believe otherwise.

Multiple polls continue to show that voters, including a majority of Republicans, want to look beyond 2020 and instead work to undo the damage done by the disastrous Biden presidency to America and the tens of thousands of Americans.

Republicans, 2024 is important — don’t screw up.


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