Trump Lawyer Alina Habba: Trump Not Shaken by Colorado Decision; He’s ‘Stronger Than Ever’

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    Former President Donald Trump is not shaken by the 4-3 decision of the Colorado Supreme Court disqualifying him from being on the state’s GOP primary ballot, Trump lawyer Alina Habba told Breitbart News Daily, explaining that it is just “another day” for him.

    “It’s another day. I mean, I would love to tell you he’s shaken by it. But he’s not,” Habba said when asked about where Trump’s head is after hearing this news. “It’s another day.”

    “This is the way they’ve been treating him since 2015. It just shows you how much he loves the country. He’s willing to sacrifice every piece of his life, including his family, his businesses, for the sake of the country. So he’s strong,” she continued.

    “He’s stronger than ever. He’s still on the campaign trail. He’s clearly leading. And that’s why they’re attacking him so hard,” she continued.


    Breitbart · Alina Habba – December 20, 2023

    While Habba expressed confidence that the Supreme Court will ultimately do the right thing and reverse the decision, she made it clear that the left is only doing this because they are so “afraid” he will win in 2024. But ironically, they are only pushing more Americans behind Trump with these acts of desperation.

    “What they don’t realize is the more they do these desperate attempts to take Trump down, it emboldens the base and emboldens and flips the independent voters to vote for Trump,” she said, adding, “I mean, this one really sparked outrage, as you saw.”

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    1. Maybe Alina needs to remind the scotus that section 3 exempts the president and vice president and section 5 says only Congress can remove anyone from the ballot. They are reaaly afraid of President Trump and us, to so blatantly rewrite law like that. This has to be the most lawless regime in American history. Prayers for President Trump and his family and their lawyers.


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