Trump Takes Aim at ‘Lunatic’ Jack Smith over Proposed Trial Date


Former President Donald Trump wasted no time Thursday responding to special counsel Jack Smith’s proposal for him to stand trial on Jan. 2, 2024, on charges related to the January 6 riot in Washington, DC.

Smith proposed in a court filing earlier in the day Trump’s trial should begin during the first week of the New Year —making it the first in a string of felony trials next year against the former president, as Breitbart News reported.

If the date is granted it will fall right before the Iowa caucuses that launch the Republican presidential primary.

Trump, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges and claims to be the “persecuted” victim of a “witch hunt,” called Smith a “lunatic” while lashing out in a Truth Social post.

He took to social media shortly after the request was made, noting the criminal proceedings would interfere with his campaign for president, saying:

“Deranged Jack Smith has just asked for a trial on the Biden Indictment to take place on January 2nd., just ahead of the important Iowa Caucuses,” Trump wrote. “Only an out of touch lunatic would ask for such a date, ONE DAY into the New Year, and maximum Election Interference with IOWA!”

“Such a trial, which should never take place due to my First Amendment Rights, and massive BIDEN CORRUPTION, should only happen, if at all, AFTER THE ELECTION,” he added. “The same with other Fake Biden Indictments. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

As Breitbart News has noted, Trump faces four charges related to his challenges to the 2020 election result, and the resulting riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. One of the four charges carries a potential death penalty if Trump were to be convicted.

Smith faces accusations from critics he is shaping his prosecution to interfere with the 2024 election. The judge in the “documents” case in federal court in Miami set that trial date in May 2024 — after most of the GOP primaries will have been held.

Smith estimates Trump’s trial will take “no longer” than four to six weeks to complete, while arguing that the proposed start date provides plenty of time for Trump’s team to “to review the discovery in this case and prepare a defense,” Newsweek reports.

Trump’s lawyers have yet to submit a counterproposal but are likely to seek a delay to the start of the trial. U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan is expected to set the trial date in a court hearing on August 28.


  1. Politics as usual. Our nation and the struggle for supremacy to rule has become an outright fight for political power without the thought of protecting citizens. In my opinion, the fight for the rule of America is for control and absolute power. thoughts of sustaining freedoms and the prosperity that goes with freedom are regulated at a distant second. protecting and securing votes for a corrupt administration is the goal.

    When evidence is available and clear intent, becomes what we must defend first. forcing media into compliance and publishing false data to lead the public into what is or is not known about a politician.

    As proof mounts, we see most evidence quickly buried. misdirection to blame the other party, planting false evidence that sounds plausible. in the struggle to misdirect they provide planted evidence to ensure that false flag evidence will point the finger ensuring blame is firmly planted and the result is the direct cause for all American problems, including global warming.

    The American people are now only the deep pocket that provided funding for the wasteful spending of the government. With the media securely in the pocket of the left, we see the direction of the one-world government as a certainty and not a possibility. because we would have the same rights and medical protection for all equally around the world, doesn’t make it good or equal, It wouldn’t make it all correct, just equally bad.

    how bad could it get? without a single person in charge and without absolute power and control will find a nation that would be working for nations without resources. the former nations that had wealth and resources would find that they are the target to supply the goods and services. the burdens of wealth taken to be equal among all the nations of the world. while it would benefit many nations what would happen is the funding routed to the wealthy and enriching the few that were already rich. such an arrangement couldn’t last.

    We would see arguments between the richest companies to want the wealth routed to their companies first and demand more than the others. When they find that their delivery of such goods doesn’t work they will cut the product quality to stretch the amount delivered. It will result in products that won’t resemble the original. Citizens would have little choice because we have no competition. no choices because the government has given us their choice, which is the correct one and must not be questioned. This will become the rule not the exception.

    We will have no representation to make our complaints to and even if such departments exist we have no right to use them. This is becoming the new “NORM” within many nations. how did it get like this? It starts small, with the attacks on the first amendment. The claim comes as government “protects the citizens” by making laws that protect from Hate speech. holding penalties for thoughts but no actions against the government and possibly other citizens.

    The laws now protect the government not citizens. Removing the protections of free speech is always the first step, providing government protection from prosecution. They must also provide or remove a citizen’s ability to defend themselves. their right to bear arms. when convicted of the crime of hate speech it comes classified as a federal crime. when convicted will be the backdoor to gun control.

    the person convicted may not own a gun, purchase a gun or live within the same household that possesses a gun. many do not see the fact that a plea bargain is an admission of guilt. Many say so I don’t have a gun and don’t intend to own one. Well, it doesn’t stop with gun ownership.

    If convicted of a felony you are required to notify your employer. who now has the choice to keep you as an employee. when applying for a new job you will need to disclose that you have been convicted of a felony. Yes, the conviction goes a long way. except when you work for the government. then you are promoted.

    There is little time left to make the changes we must have to remain a sovereign nation. It has become the people within their ignorance of our constitution that have allowed this to happen. The people that want power have used the ignorance of its citizens that have allowed the gradual removal of our rights. replacing them with government-granted rights. These may be removed or expanded to meet gov. needs. What gov. gives it may take away. We are all headed to the new world order. a condition that is nothing less than slavery for all mankind.

    I will not see it within my lifetime, having fewer days ahead of me than lay behind. Will we let these men who desire to rule the world with the power they desire? or will we step up and remove these people while we still can? Your choice is at hand. —— I, Grampa


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