Tucker Carlson Lambasts Biden’s Recession Games, Then Hits Something Even More Important


Tucker Carlson is the most viewed cable news host and for good reason. Tucker Carlson isn’t afraid to take on controversial topics and doesn’t hold back. He also delivers every message with a remarkable sense of humor. His monologues are always well worth the time, and Thursday’s show is no exception.

Carlson lambasted Biden’s gamesmanship in defining what constitutes a “recession”, he criticized the media for their hypocrisy on this issue, and, most importantly, he spoke about what few wills: Democrat attempts at making the United States dependent upon China for energy.

To start, we covered the Biden presser Carlson cites. The president, as you can see, was not able to form coherent sentences and struggled with the most basic phrases. He then shuffled off, without asking questions. The president’s physical performance aside, he didn’t address the fact that he had two consecutive quarters of negative growth in GDP (i.e. a recession). Instead, he laughed and cited “significant bank personnel” as evidence that things are going great.

This is all part of Biden’s ongoing attempt to convince Americans that they are too stupid to understand how amazing they have it. Do you worry about inflation or the fact that you don’t have enough money to pay for a mortgage? Jack, you’re just an idiot who doesn’t realize how great you really are. You need to get up and take a kickboxing lesson.

Carlson then moved in on the Biden administration officials as well as the media outlets that had previously believed that a recession was two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth up until just five minutes ago. There’s a rule that if a Democrat is elected, then tortured nuance must also be applied. A Republican in office means that a recession is inevitable. How can I tell? Brian Deese (Biden’s top economic advisor) told me that he knew. He had stated in 2008 the technical definition of recession, but he said it would be completely reversed in 2022.

But, the most important part of Carlson’s monologue was centered around the latest Democratic move to empower the Chinese. You’ve likely heard that taxpayers will soon have to pay $400 billion for green energy initiatives in order to combat “climate change.” But what does this amount to? Massive subsidies for companies that will export our energy security to China.

Who makes solar panels and parts for wind turbines around the world? China would be that country. China also holds the rights to the majority of the materials required for batteries. These materials are not renewable. Democrats believe they can save the world by giving the United States to their biggest enemy, despite a growing China-dominated global economy. You should thank them.

Because of the dangerous malfeasances of the Biden administration, we will need more synonyms for “absurd”. They want to be gods, changing terms to suit their political agendas, and they also want the Chicoms to have the keys to the kingdom. Let me speculate as to the motivation.


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