Tulsi Gabbard Cuts Through the January 6 Nonsense


Tulsi Gabbard is a former Hawaii Democrat Congresswoman and will be attending the hearing on January 6. She is not seeing the hearing as an important investigation into a terrible moment in the nation’s history. Instead, she sees it as a stage performance that benefits one party while other important issues are overlooked.

Tucker Carlson Tonight’s Gabbard clarified that the hearing was nothing but a dog-and-pony show to distract and divide.

Gabbard stated, “Regardless of whether you’re talking about the mainstream media, Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger, frankly they don’t care what the true threats we face domestically and our freedoms and democracy.” The real problems Americans face every day include rising inflation, rising gas prices, increasing crime, and open borders.

Gabbard pointed out that elected officials who claim to uphold the Constitution actually work to undermine it. America’s domestic problems are making life more difficult for everyone, which is a sign of a lack of care about their priorities.

Gabbard said that “so many of this was politicized.” It has been sensationalized with very specific objectives that have nothing to do with upholding the country’s best interests or maintaining its integrity. This hearing is being organized by someone I suspect to be from ABC News. Their goal is to come up with an objective that does not have to do with the Constitution’s best interests.

Carlson noted that there was a lively discussion when you turned on the TV. They don’t show curated media reports which support their dictatorial government. Gabbard agreed.

She stated, “This isn’t America.” “This is America’s most absurd and heartbreaking feature. This is also why I feel angry and sad. This is not the vision that our Founding Fathers had of America. ”

Gabbard stated, “And these people serve the people’s home, members Congress literally go every day to work in people’s houses. “It seems like so many of them have forgotten for whom they work, and that it’s an honor to have that responsibility. ”

She finished by reminding everyone that this is why we have elections, and those abusing this privilege to serve the people should be voted out.


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