Twitter Is Objectively Pro-Groomer


Twitter, a pro-groomer social network platform, has temporarily suspended Gays Against Groomers from its account.

Jaimee Michell founded Gays Against Groomers earlier this year, describing themselves as “a coalition of gays against sexualization and indoctrination for children.” Michell, a gay woman who calls herself “based” but “strayed” away from woke culture has described “gender-affirming surgery on minors as akin to Dr. Josef Mengele’s Nazi butcher work.

This is probably because Michell doesn’t hesitate to tell the hard truths. Last month, she told OAN:

Because many gay people have been protesting what’s happening to our children for years, I founded the coalition. We never had one voice. This was a problem that we never faced head-on. It would be very powerful to unite and stand against this and say that we don’t want to have anything to do. It’s vital.

Michell was my contact to find out how many people her organization lost due to the suspension. I have not heard back from Michell. Their backup account, however long it takes, is now up and has 6,400 followers after just a few hours. One article described the growth of the suspended account as “viral”.

Plus, Twitter is something I hate but I miss my old Twitter friends. To avoid bots, trolls and censors, I made my account public. Send me a request if you would like to follow up.

It is important to see what the organization does. This is partly because it shows the good intentions of my LGB friends who allowed the Ts along. The spectrum of sexuality has always existed and will continue to exist. It is up to grown-ups to decide what they want to do and God to judge.

Gender dysphoria, a mental condition, is not something that can be butchered. They don’t realize the severity and permanence of the decisions made by their groomers.

Gays Against Groomers say it themselves:

The gay community isn’t a homogeneous one. The people pushing this agenda don’t represent us all and we do not want to be associated in any way with them. We are witnessing child abuse on a large scale, and we won’t allow it to continue.

We need to have an open discussion about how children are being altered — sometimes without their consent or knowledge — on a social, chemical, and surgical level.

However, we cannot have this discussion on Twitter without being permanently suspended.

Yesterday, Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and I recorded a segment for Right Angle on the importance Gays Against Groomers is striving to achieve. Although the segment isn’t yet live, I will link it to it later in the week.

But there’s one minor twist. YouTube and Twitter have similar policies. We had to record a teaser on Twitter to get people to Rumble. Our Right Angle discussion on Gays Against Groomers will be seen by a smaller audience.

It’s obvious that groomers need to be exposed on every media platform possible, as I’ve seen what’s happening with children all over the country. Twitter would prefer to suspect Michell’s organization and let the groomers go wild.

George Orwell once claimed that British pacifists were “objectively pro-Fascist”. He later retracted his assertion, but let’s face the truth, Orwell was right the first time.

This measure shows that Twitter is pro-groomer.


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