Twitter Slams Gov. Hochul’s Anger Over SCOTUS Gun Ruling


Conservatives took to Twitter to criticize Governor Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.), after she lashed out at the Supreme Court decision that overturned New York’s restrictive concealed carry firearm regulations.

The Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday to strike down state regulations regarding concealed carry permits was broadcast live by Governor Hochul, who defiantly addressed her citizens and denounced the decision.

Hochul stated that the Supreme Court had “deprived the State of New York of its right and responsibility to protect its citizens” during the press conference. Hochul stated that the Supreme Court’s decision was “frightful” in its scope and “sends us backwards as we try to protect families and prevent gun violence.”

Hochul’s speech, which lasted around seven minutes, went viral. Hochul said, “I’m sorry that this dark day has arrived, and that we’re supposed go back to what was there since 1788, when the Constitution of America was ratified.” I also want to remind the Supreme Court justices of the fact that the only weapon at that time was muskets. I am willing to return to muskets.

Brittany Hughes, MRCTV host, criticized Hochul’s point and responded, “And the only politicians then were men.” What is your point?

Tim Young, Washington Times columnist, tweeted: “If Kathy Hochul’s security detail doesn’t switch to only using mukets first… then she has the right to f— off.”

Stephen Miller, a former Trump senior advisor, asked: “Will the criminals roaming freely through New York be going back into muskets too?” Hochul replied, “Also, just out of curiosity, what medium does Hochul use to broadcast this message? Did it exist in 18th century?”

Carmine Sabia, conservative author, also criticized Hochul’s talk point, saying, “New York Governor. Kathy Hochul claims she is’ready to go back to muzzles’ because she seems determined to [violate] Section 2.

Monica Crowley, Conservative podcast host, asked: “Hi @GovKathyHochul – do you remember when your Congressmanship was and how proudly you displayed your NRA ‘A’ rating? It was good times.

The governor also tweeted her frustrations. She wrote, “It’s outrageous that at a time of national reckoning about gun violence the Supreme Court recklessly struck down New York law which limits who can carry concealed arms,”

Jill Savage, a Blaze reporter, criticized Hochul’s tweet and commented, “Sorry, the Constitution happened to your.”

Matthew Kolken, a conservative lawyer, responded to Hochul’s tweet by writing: “Take the loss Kathy. Or, we will see you again in Court.

Beth Baumann, a conservative journalist, rebutted Hochul’s post and accused her of wanting to make Americans victims. “It’s absurd that you want sexual assault survivors such as myself to prove that we need a CCW, even if our past is sufficient proof.” Because I was in Gavin Newsom’s state when it happened, I understand what that feels like.”

Hochul’s tweet was retweeted by Graham Allen, a conservative personality.

Wendell Husebo, a Breitbart journalist, replied that it was a “great ruling.” It protects self-defense rights. Private security such as Hochul is not affordable for everyone.

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