University Renames Its Women’s Clinic Because Women Was Medically Incorrect


The University of Arkansas has seen a major shift.

In the past, the school’s Pat Walker Health Center operated a campus “Women’s Clinic”. Recent changes in control have made it more restrictive.

Now, the medical center is known as the “GYN Clinic.” ” According To College Fix, an email regarding the change is important.

A.J. Olsen, Registered Health Information Administrator Director of Medical Services: “This name change is important as the Pat Walker Health Center acknowledges diversity and aims to create a welcoming environment for all patients. ”

This is a fascinating idea. Maybe society has changed. As they say, “representation matters.”

For men, the “GY(n)” center is available. If your unmentionables require “gynecology”.

The Fix contacted UofA to discuss the possibility of changing its moniker: John Thomas, the school’s spokesperson, said via email to The Fix that the name change wasn’t necessary per se, but that the clinic felt the GYN terminology related to the services it offers was more in line with medical terminology.

Thomas said that the cost of changing your name would be minimal if any. You can easily change your name online.

Kara Dansky is a Feminist lawyer and Women’s Human Rights Campaign U.S. Chapter president. She doesn’t seem impressed with the medical alignment. She says, “These clinics say that they are doing this in order to be more ‘inclusive,’” she said, but “what they are really doing is obliterating the material reality of biological sex.”

The Democrat was like this: “My party has been pushing this gender identity agenda in law and throughout society, and it’s terrible for women and girls. … Every single person is either female or male. There’s nothing wrong with saying that. ‘Transgender’ isn’t real. It was simply made up to persuade people that there’s some coherent category of people for whom sex is irrelevant. That is not true, and we should not be afraid to say so. Regardless of where we land on the political aisle.”

Arkansas doesn’t stand out in any way. Women aren’t getting the recognition they deserve:

Will women go the way of the dodo bird? For all the cultural talk of “erasure,” as a class, they’re getting regularly rubbed.

There is always a way to make a comeback.

But, for people who need services from the University of Arkansas regarding cervixes, “woman” is not an option.


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