US Army Doctor, Wife Indicted For Allegedly Trying To Give Medical Info To Russian Government


A federal indictment has been filed against a married couple who are both doctors. They are accused of trying to provide medical data on U.S. military personnel to Russia.

Jamie Lee Henry, a major in the U.S. Army and Anna Gabrielian (an anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins University), are being charged after they allegedly met someone they believed was from Russia. However, it turned out that he was an undercover FBI agent. Henry, who was reportedly the first active-duty Army officer transgender to do so in 2015, made national headlines.

According to an indictment, Henry said that his point of view was that until the United States declares war on Russia, I can help as much as my heart desires.” “At that time, I’ll need to deal with some ethical issues.”

Gabrielian responded, allegedly saying, “You will work through these ethical issues.”

Gabrielian is accused of telling the agent that she was motivated by Russia’s patriotism, and offered any assistance to Russia even if it meant going to jail or being fired.

The White House will ‘welcome” Russian men fleeing Vladimir Putin’s draftVideoThe agent was also told by her that Henry knew about how the U.S. set up army hospitals under war conditions, and had information about the training provided to the Ukrainian military.

Gabrielian is accused of giving the agent medical information about the spouse of an Office of Naval Intelligence employee as well as about a veteran of the Air Force at a second meeting two weeks later. Gabrielian allegedly brought to the attention of the agent “a medical problem…that Russia could exploit” in relation to Gabrielian’s spouse.

According to the indictment, Gabrielian told the agent that she had “previously reached out directly to Russia’s embassy via email and telephone” and that she offered to help Russia with Henry. She also noted that Henry was not mentioned to her.

Henry joined active-duty in May 2007, and was assigned to Fort Bragg (North Carolina) as a staff internist at the rank of major. The Army confirmed that Henry had not been deployed combat.

Following the arrests, the indictment was not sealed. Both suspects were due to appear in court on Thursday for their initial appearances.


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