VIDEO — ‘Taco Tantrum’: Woman Accused of Punching L.A. Food Vendor Arrested


A woman accused of attacking a taco vendor in Watts, a Los Angeles County, California, neighborhood, is in custody.

The incident unfolded Sunday at Ortiz Tacos when the suspect, identified by law enforcement as Renee Latrice Hines, 36, allegedly said she would not pay for her food, Fox 11 reported Wednesday.

The situation grew heated when Hines was confronted over the issue. She allegedly punched and pepper sprayed one of the stand’s employees.

“Ortiz Tacos told FOX 11 they plan on pressing charges,” the outlet noted.

The incident happened at the stand on Grandee Avenue and East 103rd Street, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The outlet added that the attacker has since been fired from her job:

On Wednesday, New Jersey-based Yusen Logistics America confirmed that it had terminated an employment agreement with the woman, who had been temporarily assigned as a contractor to the global supply chain company by her employer, Carson-based Simplified Labor Staff Solutions. The woman was not identified by her employer.

The suspect had reportedly eaten at the taco stand a few times before and left without paying for her meal, the newspaper said.

Following reports about the incident, social media users quickly offered their thoughts on what happened.

“How do you lose control of your emotions like that at a taco stand?” one user questioned, while another asked, “Just want to know what the Devil was in that Taco?”


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