Virginia Dems Could Extort Youngkin Over Gun Bills


Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has been pretty cagey on exactly what he plans to do with the plethora of gun control bills Democrats in the state are determined to put on his des, but the vast majority of people figure he’ll veto them.

In fact, I suspect Democrats there are counting on the veto for some reason or another.

They apparently think that the issue is so pressing and so important to voters that they can make it a problem issue for Republicans as a whole.

But they also really want these bills to pass. There’s nothing unusual in them; they’re just a repeat of what Democrats have been wanting for a while. Youngkin, however, isn’t likely to pass them, and that may mean retribution.

“That’s a nice legislative agenda you’ve got there, Gov. Youngkin. It would be a shame if something happened to it.”

This, boys and girls, is what we call “extortion.” Can you say “extortion?”

Good. I knew you could.

This is an attempt to bully Youngkin into signing bills that go beyond what any Republican is going to stomach. Sure, some might be on board with a red flag law or something like that–we’ve seen way too many lawmakers make noises of support for those–but include things like training mandates and ban on carrying semi-auto firearms in public, which are the most common type of firearm generally carried.

And yet, we can’t forget that even if Youngkin signs the bills, there’s no guarantee that Democrats will play nice on his agenda. It’s not like they can sign a contract saying that he’ll sign this if they pass that. Especially since individual legislators have to vote for a certain thing.

Honestly, I know Youngkin wants the stadiums, but I hope he recognizes that they’re just not worth it at this kind of a price.


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