WATCH: AOC Goes Full Psycho at Bronx Rally for Jamaal Bowman, and Things Just Get Crazier From There

    AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

    Rep. Jamaal Bowman is feeling the heat, and I’m not talking about the hot weather. The pro-Hamas House member is down big in the latest polling to primary rival George Latimer, and that means it’s time to call in the big guns.

    SEE: It Sure Looks Like Fire Alarm Enthusiast Jamaal Bowman Is About to Go Down in Flames

    Enter Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She appeared at a rally on Sunday that also included Bernie Sanders, and the scenes were wild. That’s not hyperbole, and the headline of this article is not clickbait. What you are about to see is some of the most psychotic behavior to ever be displayed publicly by a politician. 

    We’ll ease into things with Ocasio-Cortez bouncing and fist-pumping to an entrance song before grabbing the podium to begin screaming. Remember, this is a member of the House of Representatives. Truly, nothing matters anymore when it comes to politics. 

    Once she begins to speak, the insufferable shrillness of her “rally voice” is on full display. What’s in that video could be used to torture terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, and somehow, she manages to get even worse as her “speech” drags on. Listen to this next clip at your own risk. 

    At about the nine-second mark, Ocasio-Cortez’s shouting about Gaza sounds eerily similar to the famous scene in “Downfall” where Hitler is losing his mind in the Berlin bunker. I wasn’t sure she was even speaking English anymore at that point. If she were at a rally in Nuremberg in 1938, would she sound out of place? 

    How exactly are she and her cohorts going to “take our country back” when her party has been in power for most of the last two decades? She realizes she’s a Democrat, right? You have to love the Southern accent she throws on at the end as well.

    Understand that everything about Ocasio-Cortez is fake. She’s a bad actress who figured out she could make hay in the political world when the other segments of society wouldn’t give her the time of day. That’s why she was a bartender until she ran for Congress. The fact that she was able to rise to such prominence just by being a loud-mouthed radical says nothing good about our politics.

    As crazy as Ocascio-Cortez was, Bowman himself also decided to act like a lunatic while on stage.

    It’s pretty nuts that this is a rally in New York for an American politician, and the only thing they seem to care about is a war happening on the other side of the globe. A war, mind you, that Hamas started. How can anyone watch this stuff and think, “Yeah, I want to vote for that guy?” 

    Bowman continued by losing his mind over AIPAC and Israel. 

    This guy needs to lose. I know Latimer is also a Democrat, but there’s a certain level of insanity on the left that should never be allowed to hold power. Bowman surpasses that level along with Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the “Squad.” These are the types of people who would throw their political opponents in gulags if they could. They are downright dangerous.


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