WATCH: Chicago Democrats Sound an Awful Lot Like ‘White Supremacists’ at Rally Opposing Illegal Immigrants

South Side, Chicago, residents rally against the resettlement of illegal immigrants in their community (5/12/23). (Credit: Twitter)

While the Southern border descends further into historic levels of chaos due to the Biden administration’s policies, residents in South Shore, Chicago, are throwing a fit over around 500 illegal immigrants being housed in their community.

As RedState reported previously, a town hall in the almost entirely Democratic area exploded into chaos after it was revealed that 250-500 illegal immigrants were being kept at a local high school building. One local wardswoman proclaimed that the border crisis was not South Shore’s crisis while others demanded to know why they weren’t informed of the resettlements.

But if that wasn’t peak irony, we reached it on Friday after residents held a large protest rally in which one speaker cited what sounds awful like “replacement theory” as a reason the illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed in their neighborhood.

SPEAKER: Politically, having over 500 people in the community would completely wipe out any interest we have. Are you aware that they are immigrant advocates at state houses all over this country who are, who are advocating for non-citizen voting in local elections? What if that happened here? That would change the mindset of what we, as a black community, need to thrive here in Chicago. That’s a concern of ours. This is much bigger than the Mayor of Chicago, or Chicago Police Department. This is an effort to destroy our neighborhood and silence our voices even further.

Now, I’ve been assured by the far left and the mainstream media that suggesting one’s voting preferences could be diluted by illegal immigration is “white supremacy.” Heck, what that speaker says is far more direct and “racist” (by left-wing standards) than anything Tucker Carlson has ever said on the matter.

Understand that if any Republican said what is in that excerpt above, it would be shouted from the rooftops as a grossly racist rant. So will we get headlines proclaiming the scourage of “replacement theory” being propagated by the left? Somehow, I doubt it.

What makes this scene all the more ironic is that South Shore, Chicago, voted for Joe Biden by over 94 percent. That means they actively chose to support the border policies that are wreaking havoc on the nation right now. Will they vote differently next time? Will any lessons be learned? Probably not, which underscores the hypocrisy we see from the left. Democrats are all about sowing. They aren’t so into the reaping.

The only way to change that dynamic is for the left to have to actually suffer the consequences of what they vote for. It’s not just up to Texas border towns to bear the burden of illegal immigration. South Shore residents wanted this. They voted for this. Given that, I don’t think asking them to take on 500 illegal immigrants is too much to ask. In fact, that’s minuscule compared to what towns in border states are dealing with.



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