WATCH: Italian Police Don’t Hold Back When It Comes to Anti-Israel Marchers

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

We’ve seen in some cities where the reaction to leftist protesters who do things like block roadways or get violent is rather muted. Some even react to them like they have a right to block other cars and protest in the middle of a highway. Even when there is violence, it often seems like no one is arrested or suffers any real consequence from these actions. The protection of the magical “D.” 

I wrote earlier about the tweet from the Reagan National Airport that ticked off many because it appeared to countenance blocking roads as a “First Amendment” protected enterprise. In fact there is no such right. But these folks on the left probably think there is, since they get away with this so often. But no, you don’t have the right to stomp on everyone else’s rights (at least not in this regard) just because you want to toss a tantrum about the latest leftist cause. 


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We need to start busting this myth to stop this tactic, but that requires the police who are often in Democrat-run cities to be able to enforce the law. 

But the “protesters” in Vicenza, Italy got some consequences big time when they got out of hand during a protest. Hundreds of people were there to protest that Israelis were allowed to be part of a jewelry fair in the city. That’s how far these folks are reaching — they will even protest jewelry fairs. Once again showing it isn’t about protesting bombing, it’s about eliminating Israel. 

The anti-Israel crew began firing smoke bombs and flares at the riot cops. That’s when the police charged the line of marchers, and started whaling on the activists and pushing them out of the road. 

Then about half way through the video, they brought out the water cannon. They weren’t messing around. They managed to clear the area they wanted and the woman who appeared to be in charge signaled them to stop. Then activists tossed another lit flare at them, almost lighting up one of the cops. So the police then pushed them back even further. 

Officials said that the protest and the violence had no impact on the event, which went on as scheduled. 

Exactly. But these characters don’t seem to care about that cognitive dissonance. What I think they truly mean is Israel should stop fighting, but their enemies should continue. 


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