WATCH: Joe Biden 2019 Calls Out Joe Biden 2024 on His Awful Israel Arms Move

AP Photo/Chris Carlson

After leaving the unconfirmed report hanging for a few days, Joe Biden confirmed during an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett that he was going to be holding back arms shipments to Israel if they go into Rafah. 

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So he’s trying to threaten them to do what he wants by cutting off their ability to take out the terrorists. He’s providing a lifeline to Hamas. 

Not only does this help Hamas, but it ultimately prolongs the war, and it emboldens them to continue to fight, not to give back the hostages including at least five Americans. So it doesn’t help our own interests in getting our own people back. 

I think he’s doing this to serve his political interests to pander to the left, and maybe save himself in places with Michigan. But it’s a futile and ridiculous pandering effort because I don’t think they’re going to come back to him anyway if he does this. It’s disgusting that he would prolong the war and put our own people in danger, in addition to throwing an ally under the bus. Of course, he showed in Afghanistan he didn’t care who he threw under the bus and who he left behind in that botched withdrawal. 

But let’s listen to someone who tells us how bad it is — what Biden is doing. Oh, it’s Joe Biden, 2019. 

“The idea that we would cut off military aid to an ally, our only true, true ally in the entire region, is absolutely preposterous. It’s just beyond my comprehension anyone would do that.”

Biden said that in response to Israel’s settler policy. And there’s even less reason now when you’re talking about Israel having been attacked with more than 1,200 killed, including Americans, plus Biden’s action now is only being done as Israel is trying to go in to finish off Hamas. Ultimately, Biden’s move would probably cost us and Israel more in prolonging finishing off the terrorists. But Biden seems more interested in his own campaign than he is in our interests, our ally, or Americans being held. This also shows just how he will flip on a dime on his principles, if he thinks it will help him. So much for “ironclad.” 

In the words of Biden himself, his position is “absolutely preposterous.” Also, do you notice how he walks then? How much worse he has gotten since? But he may find out that what he’s doing costs him even more votes in the long run as it appears even some Never Trump folks are fleeing him over this disastrous move. 


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