Watch: Joe Biden Turns July 4th Education Event Into the D.C. Blunderdome

President Joe Biden speaks at an education event in Washington, DC, July 4, 2023. (Credit: The First TV)

As RedState has extensively documented, President Joe Biden is the absolute king of turning his public speaking engagements into an absolute mess, with his handlers/helpers oftentimes having to rescue him by quickly cutting his mic, gently directing him off (or on) stage when he appears confused, yelling at and physically shoving reporters out of the room, and/or playing clean-up when Biden veers wildly off course.

Sometimes it gets so bad that reporters step in to run interference for good ol’ Joe on occasion.

The latest instance of Biden looking and sounding unwell came on the Independence Day holiday during a National Education Association event in Washington, D.C.

As usual, Biden – who is politically beholden to the nation’s largest teachers’ union – was a ball of confusion, at one point repeating a dangerous claim he’s made before about how your children are “all our children.” Here’s the official White House version of what Biden said:

You know, I’ve often say — and you’re tired of hearing me saying it, probably, but — children are the kite strings — they’re not somebody else’s chi- — they’re all our children — are the kite strings that lift our national ambitions aloft, and you hold those strings. You hold those strings. And our job is to make sure you have what you need to do what you do best.

Except that’s not quite how it sounded when Biden, also known as Captain Gaffetastic, was speaking. Watch:

Later, Biden touted the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which he claims has been a success for teachers dealing with student loan debt since he and First Lady Jill Biden allegedly “fixed it.”

But as Biden prepared to tell the educators who were listening/watching where to go to find out more information about the program, he…did a very Joe Biden thing and lost track of what he was saying:

And, by the way, the program is still there. Go to — anyway, you ought to contact us to make sure you know exactly how to qualify, because you deserve that forgiveness.


Not surprisingly, Biden did not take questions after the heavily staged event wrapped up, with Handler-in-Chief Jill Biden on standby to make sure he got off the stage okay and out of sight even as reporters were shouting questions:

As I’ve asked before, if Joe Biden was trying to admit to the American public that he was unfit for a second term in office, what exactly is it that he would be doing differently at this stage in his presidency?

Think about it.


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