WATCH: Kamala Gets Snippy When Interrupted by State Rep. Ceasefire Activist

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As we reported, Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff stepped in it big time by posting a picture of himself and Kamala lighting a menorah. But the problem was how he described the holiday of Hanukkah, and many responded by saying he didn’t know what he was talking about and missed the main point of the holiday, the victory against people trying to crush them and their faith. That has some great connections to what’s going on in Israel now. Did he miss the big point about fighting back and victory out of ignorance, or was he skipping over that part because it wouldn’t play well with the anti-Israel left? 

Kamala Harris held a holiday reception at the Naval Academy that was closed to the press. One has to imagine this was probably an invite-only affair. But somehow a protester still managed to get into the event. Just as Kamala was speaking about the holidays and saying it should be a “joyful time of year,” a Delaware state representative Madinah Wilson-Anton, stood up and called for a ceasefire. 

“I am a state representative from Delaware,” she said. “Did you know that in Bethlehem they’re not celebrating Christmas? Did you know that in Bethlehem, Baby Jesus is under rubble?” Why wouldn’t you call for a ceasefire?” 

Does she know Hamas slaughtered over 1,200 and intends to kill more? Calling for a ceasefire, when the other side still wants to kill you is not a great idea. They had a ceasefire before October 7 and Hamas still tried to wipe them out. It’s a ridiculous thing to call for against terrorists and it only hurts the people of Gaza more, if they profess to claim about them. And why do they think anything at all is up to Kamala? I don’t think Joe Biden listens to her, and it isn’t up to him either. 

On top of that, she’s talking about Bethlehem, which isn’t even in Gaza. So what the heck is she talking about? 

Kamala cut her off and got a little snippy with her. She said she believed in the right to protest, but said, “Right now, I am speaking.” 

But wait, I’m confused. Isn’t this what the left is always telling us, “This is what democracy looks like,” the thing they chant at their protests? So why is Wilson-Anton being ushered out? Shouldn’t Kamala stop everything to listen to her? 

The problem is that folks like Kamala endorse this kind of action when it doesn’t involve protesting them. She doesn’t like it much when it comes back to bite her and so much for “democracy” then. As we reported, activists also occupied the Hart Senate Office Building and some chained themselves to the White House fence. 


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