WATCH: Kamala Harris’ Dance Moves Get Everyone Talking, and Not in a Good Way

Kamala harris dances while hosting a hip-hop party at the White House. (Credit: Twitter)

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. While Joe Biden continued his confused attendance at the G20 in India, the White House held a party on Saturday to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. Kamala Harris was on site to play host, and things got out of hand.

In her evergreen attempt to seem relatable and authentic, the vice president decided to break out her best dance moves. Things did not go well.

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine took George to a company party and decided to start dancing, only to produce something that reminded onlookers of dry-heaving? Harris’ moves aren’t quite that bad, but they aren’t that much better either. Whether the guys who started laughing in the background were laughing at her or with her is still being investigated.

Here’s the deal. Being a politician isn’t fair, or at least it shouldn’t be. Harris being cringe at some hip-hop party isn’t in and of itself a big deal, though it provides plenty of fodder for mockery. But ask yourself, should the White House be hosting “let them eat cake” parties where the vice president does her best “she’s just like us” routine when we still don’t even know how many people died in the Maui fires?

Or while groceries are 20 percent higher than when she took office? Or while interest rates are so high that home ownership has become impossible for the vast majority of Americans? Or while government spending continues to reach historic levels, setting up the country for financial ruin? Or while the illegal immigration crisis rages out of control?

A politician who is directly responsible for all of those failures should probably put a hold on the partially taxpayer-funded blowouts and at least pretend to care about the plight of normal Americans. Far from appearing relatable, it makes Harris look completely tone-deaf, with a distinct “fiddling while Rome is burning” vibe. No matter what spin is provided by left-wing talking heads, things are bad out there. Inflation has outpaced wage growth, and the astronomical price increases are here to stay. Gas is spiking again, and more and more people are living paycheck to paycheck.

So perhaps Harris should put more focus on doing her than honing her granny moves, at least in public. Because what she’s doing now makes her look about as authentic as a Biden campaign rally.



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