WATCH: Kamala Interview Goes Off the Rails With Awful Answers on Biden’s Age, Israel, and TikTok

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Over the passage of time, we have come to learn about how the passage of time affects Kamala Harris’ answers during interviews. While the words she uses are clear — unlike Joe Biden — they often are just as bad, with either saying nothing, saying something bad, or being completely confused. Or she brings up completely weird obsessions like Venn diagrams. 

I think people largely dismiss her except when she steps in it big time, as she did with some of her remarks at The New York Times DealBook Summit. 

She tried to pitch the administration’s accomplishments.

Ms. Harris heralded the Biden administration’s accomplishments, saying “many historians would argue that not since Eisenhower have we seen this kind of investment in America.” But she acknowledged that some of that work has not necessarily “connected with the heart and the experience and the feelings of the American people.”

Translation of “investment”: they’ve spent a lot of our money and driven inflation up, crushing the American people. But they’re still trying to spin why it’s not connecting with the American people. It’s not connecting, because what they have done hurts people–and people know how much more this administration has cost them from groceries to higher interest rates on everything, so that people can’t even buy a home now. 

Harris was asked about Joe Biden’s age. Polls have shown that (and the mental capacity question) are of great concern to the American people. She said, “Age is more than a chronological fact,” and then proceeded to spread a huge bunch of bull hockey about Joe Biden being “absolutely authoritative” when dealing with world leaders and Congress. She claimed that he was even ahead of everyone else in dealing with issues. 

Um, Kamala, we see him every day: barely able to speak without notes, messing up even then, and getting lost on stage. That’s not a fiction. You can’t try to wipe it all away with spin. 

Then the interviewer asks her a partially good question, saying many probably would think Kamala couldn’t say anything else politically. He asked: “If there ever is a problem, do you think you could go tell the American public?”  

I say partially good question because he could have come back at her with all the examples of why what she said is problematic, in terms of Joe Biden’s words and actions. 

“Of course,” she said. “If necessary.” 

“It is important we not be seduced into one of the only arguments that that side of the aisle has right now on this issue in a way that is intended to distract from the accomplishments!” Kamala declared. 

So don’t be distracted from the malarkey the Biden team is pushing, by the evidence of your own eyes of Joe Biden’s deterioration. Don’t be distracted by the truth. 

“One of the only arguments?” Biden being incoherent and not capable is a pretty big argument. Plus, there are all the other reasons including the bad policies and the bad results that they’ve delivered. 

Then she gave a very bad answer on Israel. They keep playing this game, saying they’re 100 percent behind Israel, but then doing this dance where they undercut them in dealing with Hamas, trying to hem them in on their efforts and imply that they are doing wrong with their efforts to get the terrorists. 

Is Israel following the rules of war, she is asked. She doesn’t say yes, because she’s trying to play both ends against the middle, and not antagonize the radical left. 

“That’s a broad question,” she replied, ducking the question. No, it’s a simple question. That’s a shameful answer. 

Then she just made a big election denial comment, claiming “Russia interfered with the 2016 election.” 

This is a ridiculous word game that she’s playing, again appealing to that delusional left that believes Russia interfered somehow in the election and there was never any evidence that they changed votes or anything like that. But what happened was that Russia was involved in some protests and Facebook pages that supported/attacked both sides. No responsible person would say that that means anything of worth to the election. 

Yet, while she rails about social media and nation-states influencing people, here was her response when asked about TikTok and whether she was worried about that. 

“I’m not commenting on that,” she said, and then laughed about people involved on the platform. 

Then she spoke about the border and blamed Trump for the Biden failures. Then she complained Republicans wanted to use it as a campaign issue and weren’t being bipartisan on the matter. 

This, from the folks who excoriated Trump for years on the matter and did everything to impair what he was doing to secure the border. She claims they should have bipartisanship now, even as she falsely blames Trump. She truly has no shame and is just trying to deceive the American people. 

But remember, the reason people don’t think much of her is that the media is racist and sexist when it comes to her (even though the liberal media mostly gives her a pass). 


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