WATCH: Police Raid Laurence Fox’s London Home following Comments About Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ Spy Cameras


London police raided the home of Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox on Wednesday morning in the wake of comments made about members of the public destroying Mayor Sadiq Khan’s green agenda spy cameras.

Update 1330: Laurence Fox Arrested on Suspicion of Conspiring to Commit Criminal Damage

The Metropolitan Police have now confirmed the arrest Laurence Fox spoke of in his social media posts this morning did in fact go ahead and he has been taken to a police station. A statement from the force reported by television broadcaster Sky has a spokesman saying: “On Wednesday 4 October officers arrested a 45-year-old man on suspicion of conspiring to commit criminal damage to ULEZ cameras and encouraging or assisting offences to be committed.

“He was arrested in Stockwell and has been taken to a South London police station where he remains in custody.”

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At least six police officers searched the home of My Son Hunter star Laurence Fox, who took to social media while the raid was occurring, saying in a video: “Look how many coppers there are in my house…Coming to take everything out of my house. That ladies and gentlemen, is the country that we live in.”

“In London’s knife-ridden capital city where a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death with a sword, we’ve got one, two, another three [police officers] upstairs stealing, going through my house.

“This is what the police are, they don’t police with consent anymore, they police with fear and intimidation, that is the Stasi police force we’ve got nowadays, instead of going on the streets and solving crimes.”

In a separate video, Fox made reference to the destruction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) spy cameras, leading to speculation that this was the cause of the police raid.

“The ULEZ scam cameras outside of London are a complete scam… it’s the of a complete surveillance state and these boys are the Stasi,” he said in reference to the police officers. “Have a lovely day, I’m going to spend mine in the clink, innit!” Fox signed off.

Fox had previously made posts on social media in which he seemingly encouraged the actions of the vigilante ‘Blade Runner’ group, which is believed to be responsible for the destruction of hundreds of the spy cameras.

Fox’s fellow GB News presenter Calvin Robinson claimed that the pretext for the raid was on suspicion of “conspiracy to criminal criminal damage”.

“Laurence has not yet done any Blade Running. This is a pre-crime,” Robinson claimed.

Responding to the raid, Brexit leader Nigel Farage said: “This is so wrong and very frightening. Why so many police officers?”

Former Reclaim Party political candidate and friend of Fox, Leo Kearse added: “Laurence’s house is being searched by police, presumably because they think he’s the Blade Runner. Man, there’s more chance of him being Banksy. Thoughts and prayers to all the Londoners who get stabbed while Sadiq’s goons are distracted going through his underpants drawer.”

GB News presenter Martin Daubney quipped: “If only this many coppers turned up if you had your house broken into, or were mugged/assaulted in London. No chance!”



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