WATCH: Progressive Pundit Blisters Colleagues Over Obsession With ‘Garbage’ Identity Politics


It’s always a good day when left-wing “journalists” eat their own. Welp, Thursday was one of those days. So-called “progressive” pundit Ana Kasparian absolutely torched her left-wing colleagues for their obsession with “garbage” identity politics. “I’m done,” the thoroughly exasperated Kasparian declared.

Moreover, I’m convinced that Ms. Kasparian meant every word of it.

Kaparian, cohost and producer of the leftist online “news” show The Young Turks, took it to the paint strong during a discussion on feminism, arguing that the left should focus on “fighting for a better economic system” — ahem — instead of focusing on name-calling and made-up terms that lead to “more fights.”

The biggest change that some of you might have noticed with me is that I’m done with the identitarian garbage — I’m done with it. It is a giant distraction, and the more we focus on it — and it’s definitely very obvious to me when it comes to the left — the people who are supposed to be fighting for a better economic system; better economic conditions; better working conditions.

Kasparian was animated as hell, and just as angry, yet she remained cogent and on-point throughout her diatribe as she continued to hit the left-wing nail on the head with a sledgehammer.

All of that stuff pushed aside — let’s focus on the identitarian stuff. And the identitarian stuff by nature divides us and leads to more fights. More conflict — even among us. But that’s the point. Anyway, sorry — that’s a bit of a tangent, but I had to get that out.

CNN and MSNBC were unavailable for comment.

So will Kasparian’s colleagues heed her admonishment? Not a chance, but here’s a better, more salient question for the conservative among us: Can we admit that we do the same thing on our side?

Note, I didn’t ask if conservatives and pretend conservatives do it; I asked whether we can admit that we do it. More importantly, can we stop doing it?

Again, not a chance, in my opinion, at least not until the sometimes toxic, always divisive, circular firing squad within the Republican Party turns its arms — figuratively speaking, of course — on the real enemies of the American people and finally comes to the realization that the state of the country as we know it is in peril, and seemingly becoming ever more perilous by the day.

From kneejerk name-calling — at the mere hint of disagreement — to the politics of personal destruction to risking the outcome of the 2024 election, including down-ballot Republican candidate races, the Party of Lincoln can ill-afford to continue to destroy itself from within. To deny that is happening as we speak is to deny reality.

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are doing their damnedest to try to hand the 2024 election to us on a silver platter, yet we continue our ridiculous internecine warfare with the real possibility of helping the Democrats hang onto the White House.

Yes, I’m fully aware that I might as well spit into the fan, but when will enough finally be enough? When it’s too late?

Better yet, how ’bout we knock it off before it’s too late?


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