WATCH: Ron DeSantis Levels Protesters at Fox Town Hall With One Quip

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

I’m curious as to the process by which Fox vetted people to get into the town hall with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. 

Somehow, they let protesters in with a huge banner, and at least a couple of the questions sounded like they might have come from Democrats

DeSantis was in the middle of giving an answer on abortion when protesters suddenly got up from the audience, ran toward the stage, unfurling a huge banner, and even briefly blocking DeSantis’s face on camera. They screamed, “No oil money, no oil money!” 

But DeSantis wasn’t having any of that. 

“You live and you learn with these people, right?” DeSantis said. 

He then let them know they were agitating at the wrong guy on that issue, “You guys didn’t get that one right.” 

They appear to be radicals from the Sunrise Movement. 

It looked like the security piled on them pretty quickly. 

He made it clear that he was a fan of fracking, which those oil protesters were not going to be happy with. 

He also had a few words about his Republican opponents, claiming that he was the one most attacked by the Democrats. I think Trump might contest that one. DeSantis said if the media didn’t like him, that should be a recommendation for him. 

He claimed if former president Donald Trump were the candidate, that the campaign would be occupied by legal questions and controversy. 

DeSantis said he would take action against the FBI. 

The problem for DeSantis is that he’s still not polling well compared to Trump. He hasn’t managed to advance in the polls from the debates. So a questioner asked what he thought about that and he had a simple, straightforward response.

“If you’re a conservative, I’m your guy. Vote for me in the caucus, and you can make history.”


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