WATCH: Ted Cruz Shreds Biden in Epic Rant, Calls Dem Border Bill, ‘Stinking Pile of Crap’

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

At this point, the Biden border crisis is ridiculous. 

Not only isn’t he securing the border, but his CBP is forklifting up the razor wire Texas put down to help illegal aliens just walk right in. They’re actively working against states’ ability to defend themselves when they, the federal government, won’t do their job to defend the nation. That’s how bad the Biden administration is. 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ripped Biden apart for taking something that had been working under former President Donald Trump and destroying it. He explained the Biden border crisis was a humanitarian disaster, with people dying, children and women getting raped, fentanyl flooding in and killing Americans, and “Democrats don’t care.” 

“If they cared, they would stop it,” Cruz declared. “When Joe Biden came in, we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years. He inherited success — and he deliberately broke it. Democrats want these open borders.” 

Cruz then took out after the “mysterious bill” that the Democrats say they have on the border that no one has seen, “buried down in the basement of Chuck Schumer’s office.”  He asked the reporters if they wondered why they hadn’t seen it yet. “As bad as we think the bill is, I promise you it’s worse,” Cruz said. If the people knew what was in it, they’d be against it, he explained. “This supplemental bill is a kamikaze plane, in a box canyon with no exit, headed for a train wreck.” The bill isn’t designed to fix the problem, he said. 

Cruz called the border crisis the greatest national security threat right now, with potential terrorists able to just enter through the open border. What are we going to say when they carry out a terrorist attack like the Oct. 7 attack on Israel? he asked. 

But the bill normalizes the problem and lets in 5,000 people a day, which he said was over 1.8 million a year. Why would you ever want to normalize that or excuse not enforcing the law for even one person? This makes no sense, Cruz said, noting Biden had let in over nine million already. 

Indeed, Cruz said the bill is designed to fail, saying it had zero chance of passing the House. He said the only reason to take this up was to give Democrats political cover to say, well, they wanted to secure the border, but Republicans wouldn’t pass our bill. 

Cruz was asked about the litigation between Texas and the Biden administration and the DHS saying they would be going in on Friday to the areas that Texas was blocking them from. Cruz said he was proud of Texas for defending Americans when Joe Biden was litigating against them to stop them from securing the border. “Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is the greatest friend the Mexican drug cartels have ever had. He is the greatest financial benefactor the Mexican drug cartels have ever had. He is the single largest human trafficker in history,” Cruz said, noting how it’s the Biden administration who ships the illegal aliens all over the country when they say where they want to go. “He is the last mile of the human trafficking network.”

Cruz pointed out that this bill won’t secure the border, but the leadership (and he includes Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in there too) then moved the shells again. Now, the argument is it will give Donald Trump the tools he needs when he takes over next year. Cruz then pointed out how Trump was able to secure the border without this “stinking pile of crap” bill. 

“It’s not that they’re bad at negotiating,” Cruz said. “It’s that they want this outcome. And the outcome is terrible for the American people.” 



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