Watch: YouTuber’s Angry Rant About the State of the Entertainment Industry Needs to Be Heard


For those who are just being introduced to Az of the YouTube channel “HeelvsBabyface,” the UK streamer often tackles the world of pop culture with hilarious accuracy and unrelenting honesty. He’s gathered quite an audience both for his videos and his livestreams.

It was one of his live streams that recently caught the attention of the internet where Az went into a rant of righteous fury that the vast majority of people are tired of having leftist socio-political ideas forced into their faces agreeing.

Even better, it has the leftist on Twitter fuming which means Az is over the target.

The video in question features Az as he’s just getting into the highly anticipated video game from Bethesda Softworks, “Starfield.” As he’s getting into the character creation portion of the game, the screen asks him for his pronouns. This sends Az into an epic rant that we can all relate to.

Az removes his headphones and begins addressing Bethesda directly. He goes on to say that there’s nothing he loves more than setting up to play a new RPG in his comfy chair, ready to have fun exploring an entire digital galaxy, fighting bad guys, meeting characters, and experiencing a brand new story, and then suddenly having to be subjected to current day politics.

“I’m so excited to go there, and you know, I love nothing more than — with all of that laid out in front of me &dmash; I love nothing more than to be dragged out in every f***ing conceivable opportunity so you can f***ing current day us!” shouted Az.

He yells about having the pronoun issue forced on him as he’s attempting to immerse himself into the world Bethesda created.

“F***ing current-day California sh** because that’s all we f***ing know!” he continued. “Because we’re boring! We’re so f***king boring! We can’t see past our own f***king reflection! That’s the level of our narcissism here at Bethesda Western Game Company.”

Az continues his rant, still focused on Bethesda, but highlighting a major problem in entertainment today; their unwillingness to let you immerse yourself into a different world by putting modern-day politics into it. He calls them hive-minded with nothing to say but what’s dictated to them by these California standards.

“And you wonder why people are getting so f***ing sick and tired,” he continued. “You take everything we love, all our immersions, all our fantasies, all our escapism, and you just can’t help shovel your dogsh** f***king crap ideology into everything! Every single solitary f***ing thing!”

You should see the rant for yourself. Obviously, a huge language warning.

Az is right on the money here. One of the reasons so many entertainment companies are failing, be it major movie studios to even gaming studios, is that they can’t stop pushing radical leftist politics on the people.

They believe that if they just use something the people like as a delivery system for their message, we’ll suddenly normalize it or eventually like it, but it’s just not working. It didn’t work with “Rings of Power,” it’s currently killing Disney, it killed Volition studios, and these are just a few of the scalps being claimed by the cancer that is woke culture. These aren’t the first and they won’t be the last.

Pretty sure Netflix’s take on Narnia is going to be an egregious perversion of C.S. Lewis’s work with Barbie director Greta Gerwig in charge. Get ready for that white witch to take Aslan’s mane.

But to Az’s point, there isn’t too much that could call itself escapism anymore. No matter where you go or what you turn to to get away for a while carries with it that woke infection. You can no longer disappear into a different world and hear a story worth being told. It now has to contain self-inserts from activists posing as storytellers or contain heavy political elements that would be approved of by leftist activists.

It’s a problem that stops you from immersing yourself in the things you love and makes a “galaxy far far away” seem way too close to home.

Moreover, as Az noted, it’s all just boring. No matter what the setting is, the stories are all the same. The characters all follow the same beats. There’s no ideological diversity, at least among the good guys. Women are written as perfect and are only more perfect by the end of the story. Men are weakened so women can stand out as stronger, or are just painted as the bad guy. Deeper meanings behind stories have been sacrificed so current-day politics can be at the core of everything, and they’re becoming increasingly less subtle about it.

Their excuse is that they’re creating content for a “modern audience” that, judging by box office failure after box office failure, clearly doesn’t exist.

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It’s frustrating. Hell, it’s infuriating.

But this is why so many studios are crashing and burning. As they continue to push unwanted politics, people are tuning out and putting their money into better products and people. Perhaps it’s necessary that these old studios fall so that new studios that actually care about their product and tell a good story can take their place. Perhaps out of this politically tinged dark age, a new entertainment industry can take its place and create a cultural renaissance.

Like Az, we’re angry and we’ve had enough, and the time is limited for those who continue to push this nonsense on the people. They clearly don’t like you, your values, or even the stories they’re infecting. So let it burn.


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