Weekend at Biden’s


Weekend at Bernie’s answered the age-old question of how many laughs can movie milk out of the corpse of a dead fraudster. “Weekend at Biden’s” is giving us the answer to how many tears will the Left shed trying to control the walking husk of a fraudulent president.

One is a strangely enduring dark comedy and the other is an ’80s movie.

Larry Wilson and Richard Parker (Jonathan Silverman) try to convince Bernie Lomax, (Terry Kiser), to believe that Bernie Lomax’s cold body is still a party animal.

CNN’s Edward Isaac Dovere reported that “Biden’s struggle to connect with voters is part of a deeper dysfunction among White House aides. ”

Dovere was told, by someone who understood the chaos, “You’re thinking,” “Why are you doing it?”

Biden receives weekly reports from his circle on metrics like local newspaper coverage, length, content, speeches on cable, and videos posted on Twitter by staff.

The “Weekend at Biden” divide is made up of people in Biden’s inner circles, who have been around Biden for longer than most staff.

This is where there’s a fight for the White House.

Dovere wrote that the president “at the center” is someone who “is still trying his self to calibrate himself to the office. ”

Biden has been in office almost non-stop for his entire adult life. He still can’t “calibrate” himself after 17 months in his current office.

Older aides dismiss the younger aides as being too caught up in the tweet-by-tweet thinking they say lost the 2020 election for everyone else. Younger aides give up – what’s the point of working up innovative ideas, they ask themselves if the ideas constantly get knocked down and the aides get looked down on for suggesting them?

“Why aren’t we doing this?” is a good question.

It appears that things aren’t going as planned for The Real President, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

Klain came in with big ambitions for the Big Guy, sincerely believing he could take an unloved, un-feared, nearly unconscious, near-octogenarian and, with the help of bare majorities in Congress, turn Biden into the next FDR.

Instead, the chief of staff can’t even manage the president’s staff — which is Klain’s one actual function.

Rumors suggest Klain may leave the company following the midterms. These will be disastrous for Klain, who is likely to use them as a first excuse for being chief executive.

Klain should instead be given a white towel with a samurai knife.

Klain could be replaced by Anita Dunn, a senior Biden advisor who specializes in hatchet jobs for struggling Democrats.

White House counsel Steve Ricchetti, who is a swamp dweller without any particular history dating back to the Clinton administration, is also being looked at.

Susan Rice, White House domestic policies director, is the last option. During the Obama administration, Rice gained significant notoriety for her “going to Sunday Shows and lying.”

It’s impossible to imagine Miracle Max if there is someone who can breathe new life into this dying body of the Biden Administration.

Besides, “Weekend at Biden’s” isn’t mostly dead — it’s all dead.

The delightful Weekend at Bernie’s wrapped up in a brisk 97 minutes.

For the next 31-months, we’re forced to watch the horrible “Weekend At Biden’s” from our cheap seats.

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