Welcome to Secular Relativist Hell


It is hard to pinpoint the reason for the United States’ current state of affairs in the year of Our Lord 2022. America has lost its way. Fingers are being pointed in so many directions, playing the blame game, so there is no way to pinpoint the root of our present national malaise.

While I’m not an expert on the subject, I can tell you that many of the country’s problems are due to the misinterpretation and abandonment of God and moral absolutes in favor of the false comfort of secular relativism.

It’s not something I think about every day when I wake up. However, this is something I share with friends and colleagues all the time.

It is important to be clear that I don’t believe all Christians are good, or that all non-believers can be evil.

Although I don’t like to quote Bible verses to support a point, there is one verse that I can use to illustrate my point. The last few chapters of the Book of Judges in the Old Testament are filled with tales of wholesale slaughter and cruelty. It’s truly gruesome stuff, even by OT standards. The final verse of Judges says, “In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes.”

At least we know that moral relativism does not exist.

You can see the dangers of throwing morality out of the window by looking at the abortion issue.

It is then simple to accept violence against people who disagree with you.

To decide whether individuals or institutions led secular relativism is “chicken or eggs”. I believe the former had too much influence on the latter.

Like Academia.

A fringe group of ivory-tower commies has polluted American institutions for the past 50 years with their godless, secular lunacy. There is no turning back. A fringe group of ivory-tower commies has polluted many American institutions with their godless secular lunacy.

Left-leaning people have made their own rules and can live happily without being offended.

This is where society really hits the toilet.

It’s dangerous to think that progressive, fragile idiots can conform the world to their subjective kumbaya standards.

This is not a way to live that is based on reality. It is the exact opposite.

People who believe the world should be just the way they want it to be aren’t afraid to use all means to achieve that goal, even if that means destroying careers and ending lives.

Let’s wrap it up by briefly discussing what I shot.

J. Christian Adams wrote a column several years ago that addressed something that isn’t discussed often enough.

The surprise of the millennial generation is that their school was the first to have guns. High school students were able to ride a bus with rifles 30+ years ago and fire at the high school rifle ranges.

We need to ask ourselves the question: What have we learned from another school shooting?

Cross guns have been removed from the list. Semiautomatic rifles were still available in 1985. Semi-automatic weapons were also available in Florida. Guns don’t have the ability to make decisions.

The Second Amendment may be removed from this list. This Constitution has not been amended.

There are still many unsettling possibilities. There might be some hard truths today that are different from thirty years ago when children were allowed to bring guns to school.

While this may not be part of the ongoing gun debate here in America, it’s something Second Amendment supporters frequently bring up.

Since I was a kid, Arizona has had some of the most liberal gun laws in America.

I spent my formative years in a small mountain community with an arsenal at every home.

No one was going to shoot anyone.

While this may be dismissed as anecdotal evidence, it is still evidenced if there is overwhelming evidence.

The guns aren’t AI monsters that became sentient beings in the last thirty years.

America’s large population has lost faith in God, truth, and evil.

Emotional fragility and entitlement combined (Participation trophy!) It is a poisonous cocktail in society that is literally killing us.

Although this topic could have been covered for several weeks, I wouldn’t have begun to investigate it fully. It will be reviewed again later.

I’ll pray one or two times.


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