What Do Men Give Birth and Defund the Police Have in Common?


Unless you have been brainwashed to believe otherwise, the statements “men give life” and “defund police” are absurd.

Why then do leftists, as opposed to conservatives and liberals, believe these things?

There are likely two related explanations.

One is that the Left wants to dismantle every normative institution. When men have children, the terms “man” or “woman” is meaningless. “Men give birth” is the end of the distinction between male and female, which is the most fundamental distinction in the human race. Racial differences pale in comparison. So are national distinctions.

Marxists are for the elimination of the male-female difference because Marxists believe that class is the only thing that matters.

Another explanation is that leftism’s endgame is chaos. This explanation is similar to the first, as the destruction of all distinctions results in chaos. Order is defined as distinctions. Chaos is when there are no distinctions.

When I wrote about the Bible’s first five books, I realized the importance of distinctions. Differentiations are key to the Bible’s moral order. They include:

Man and God
Good and evil
Human and animal
Holy and profane
Parent and child
Man and woman
Beautiful and ugly

The Judeo-Christian moral order weltanschauung is so dependent on distinctions that God made them for the Six Days. They are often called the Six Days of Creation, the fact is that after creating the “heavens and the earth,” God does little creating. After Genesis 1:1 the only things God creates are the animals listed in 1:21 and the human being (1:27).

What did God do with the remaining Six Days? He made order out of chaos.

This is why Genesis 2:2 may be the most important verse in the Bible. Genesis 1:1 is the most crucial because it outlines the premise of the Bible. “And all was null, void,” which means that all was chaos.

Chaos is the state of the universe. God is required to transform chaos into order.

There are many distinctions that makeup order. The distinction between night and daylight, land and sea, and moral or social order were all dependent on these distinctions. They all depend upon God but the Bible only describes one of them as being “created by God” — the human beings as male and female.

These biblical distinctions are being obliterated by the Left:

The Left rejects the distinction between God and man. Marx stated, “Man is God.” The Left denies that there is any transcendent Being to whom man must obey morality. Man must answer to himself and eventually to a left-wing government.

The Left rejects the distinction between good and evil. The Left believes there is no objective morality. The individual and the community decide what is good and bad.

The Left rejects the distinction between animal and human. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the largest animal rights group, says that there is no moral distinction between chickens and human beings. They are equally valuable. PETA says there is no moral distinction between a barbecued chicken in America or a cremated Jew during the Holocaust.

The Left ignores the distinction between beauty and ugly in art. This explains why the Left has produced ugly music, architecture, and meaningless art for over a century.

The Left now denies that there is a difference between men and women.

What’s the point of all this? It’s all about returning to chaos and rejecting the divine order that made civilization possible. The reason “men give birth” can be attributed to “defunding the police”. Both are linked to chaos.

Ask those who claim men give birth, or seek to defund police departments, “Does chaos exist?” Most people won’t understand what you are talking about. Chaos is not what the Left wants on a conscious level.

It is what the Left creates. The war against Western civilization is against order and distinctions. The Left is against talking about Judeo-Christian or biblical values. These values are the divine moral and social distinctions, and the subsequent order that make up Western civilization.

This is why “men give birth” as well as “defund the police” are closely related. Both represent disorder and chaos.


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