White House in Turmoil, Planning Major Shake-Up


According to reports, the White House may consider a major overhaul after November’s midterm elections. These are likely not to go well for Democrats.

According to the report, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is likely to be fired along with National Economic Council Director Brian Deese in “broad reorganization” of President Biden’s economic team.

This may be related to a larger shake-up by White House Chief Of Staff Ron Klain. According to reports, former administration officials Jeff Zients, Natalie Quillian, are compiling lists of candidates for Cabinet positions and other senior administrative posts.

Although post-midterm shakeups are not new, it is clear that this shakeup is quite different.

According to the story Lily Adams, a Treasury spokesperson, stated that Yellen does not plan to leave.

Anita Dunn, White House senior adviser, stated that while we are planning prudently for possible transitions post-midterm Brian Deese and Secretary Yellen are not part of those plans.

Post-midterm and/or post-term departures have been a norm. Individuals often serve between two and four years before they decide to move on. These departures can be staged. The fact that someone leaked the news that Yellen could be fired, even though her department said she was not leaving, suggests that there are deeper problems at the White House. They also expect the midterm elections to not go as well for them.

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