White House Lawyers Discouraged Kevin Morris’s Manic Theory Before It Was Humiliatingly Debunked 

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Kevin Morris — Hunter Biden’s so-called “sugar brother,” confidant, and lead attorney — produced a wild theory about his client’s laptop that White House lawyers reportedly discouraged before prosecutors investigating Hunter debunked it.

The lawyers, Chris Clark and Joshua Levy, no longer have anything to do with the Hunter Biden case.

Morris recently emerged as a main character in the House impeachment inquiry’s probe into the Biden family:

  • Morris controls his client’s ten percent stake in a Chinese state-backed fund, BHR Partners, he told investigators, confirming Breitbart News’s exclusive report.
  • Morris paid Hunter’s IRS debts and reportedly lent him a total of $4.9 million for housing, car payments, and legal fees.

Morris is apparently skeptical of the authenticated “Laptop from Hell,” which Hunter abandoned at a computer repair store. According to a Friday report by the New York Times, Morris appeared to work overtime to study the laptop’s data, which contains heinous content, to push a manic theory about its origin, which investigators disproved:

He also quietly pushed a complex theory under which the repair shop was a front and the information had been made public through a cast of characters including a psychiatrist who had treated Mr. Biden’s addiction using ketamine therapy and the Trump-allied operative Roger J. Stone Jr.
Mr. Morris promoted this theory to reporters and others, initially using a rough hand-drawn timeline, and later professional-looking graphics.
Prosecutors subsequently poured cold water on the theory, stating in a court filing that Mr. Biden left the laptop at a computer store, and that its contents “were largely duplicative” of data they had subpoenaed directly from his Apple iCloud account.

Morris’s disproven theory is significant because White House lawyers Clark and Levy “discouraged” Morris’s “unconventional tactics,” the Times reported, and eventually left the case.

Levy stopped working for Hunter in March 2023 after “unease and dissent” plagued the legal defense team. Levy was discontented with certain legal strategies and feared that legal tactics could flop.

Clark, who led Hunter’s criminal defense, admitted in June that Hunter’s first 2017 WhatsApp text demanding money from a Chinese Communist Party-linked businessman while “sitting” next to his dad was, indeed, Hunter’s message. He subsequently withdrew from the case two months later, in August 2023, citing a conflict.

In turn, Morris appears to maintain sway in the circle of Hunter, who accused Republicans in a late 2023 press conference of pushing “illegitimate investigations of my family” to “dehumanize me, all to embarrass and damage my father, who has devoted his entire life to service.”

“Please, Hunter Biden, we know your dad loves you. Please stop talking in public,” President Joe Biden’s former press secretary, Jen Psaki, said on television a few days after Hunter’s press conference.

Wendell Husebo is a political reporter with Breitbart News and a former GOP War Room Analyst. He is the author of Politics of Slave Morality. Follow Wendell on “X” @WendellHusebø or on Truth Social @WendellHusebo.


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