White House Press Secretary Grilled On Tweet Calling 2016 Election Stolen


Fox News reporter Peter Doocy challenged White House press secretary Karine Jennings with her past tweets debunking election results Tuesday. He asked her if it was as extreme to do this in 2016 or 2020.

Jean-Pierre claimed via Twitter that Donald Trump was the former president and that Republican Georgia Governor had stolen his election. Brian Kemp had stolen his election in 2018. Doocy asked the spokesperson for the White House to explain why the “MAGA Republicans”, who claim that the 2020 election was stolen, were being criticized by Doocy and other Democrats.

Doocy started by saying, “You tweeted in 2016 Trump stole an election.”

Jean-Pierre cut him off, saying, “Oh, this was coming.” Peter, I was waiting for you to ask that question.

Doocy replied, “Well, here’s the deal.” “You tweeted Trump stole an election. You tweeted Brian Kemp stole an election. You tweeted Brian Kemp, claiming that he had stolen an election.

Jean-Pierre stated, “Let’s get it clear: That comparison that you just made was absurd,” and added that she was referring to voting rights at the time.

“Governor Kemp won in Georgia.” She continued, “I have been very clear about that,” she said. “I have stated that President Trump won in 2016, and I have been very clear about this. Let’s not forget what occurred on January 6th 2021. This is what we are referring to. We witnessed an insurrection and a mob that was incited [by the White House] It was an attack against our democracy.

Biden stated that “MAGA forces are determined take this country backwards.” “Backwards to America, where there’s no right of choice, no privacy, no right for contraception, and no right not to marry the person you love.”

He continued, “Donald Trump’s MAGA Republicans are an extreme that threatens our Republic’s very foundations.” “MAGA Republicans don’t respect the Constitution. They don’t believe in the rule-of-the law. They don’t believe in the will of the people. They won’t accept the results of a free vote.


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