White House Worried About Jimmy Carter Parallels To Biden Presidency


Reports indicate that the White House of Biden is concerned about similarities to Jimmy Carter’s presidency, as inflation and gas prices continue rising and President Obama’s approval ratings remain low. Politico reported Sunday, that President Biden’s aides felt defeated in their efforts to counter the many obstacles facing the Biden administration.

Jonathan Lemire, Politico’s editor, stated that “morale within 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has plummeted amid growing concerns about the parallels to Jimmy Carter, another first-term Democrat, being plagued by soaring cost and a foreign policy morass.” ”

The White House intends to invite Biden to the White House to discuss his progress. They plan to continue their attacks against the GOP and portray them as too extreme, emphasizing gun control, abortion and gun control.

Biden is said to be upset by his lower approval rating than former President Donald Trump.

The report claims that the president “erupted” over not being updated on the shortage of baby food formula. Reports claim that the president said the news about the shortage had reached him despite advice from his staff.

According Politico, Valerie Owens Biden (First Lady Jill Biden) believe that President Obama is being managed with “kid gloves”.

A source close to the president said that the outlet was informed by someone who “let Biden be Biden.” ”

“Biden’s inner circle is aware of recent presidential precedent. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, respectively. Both Bush and Clinton had to overcome difficult midterms. Both Bush and Carter had to overcome difficult first midterms.

Andrew Bates, White House spokesperson, told the outlet that the White House depiction of reality is “just divorced.” ”

The president will be joined Wednesday by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, for his first major media appearance in over 100 days.

“Our President @JoeBiden will be visiting @JimmyKimmelLive Wednesday night.” “No malarkey,” tweeted comedian Sunday.


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