Why Did San Francisco’s Radical Mayor Refuse to March in the City’s Pride Parade?


London Breed, San Francisco’s radical mayor refuses to participate in the Pride parade. She is not anti-LGBTQ. San Francisco’s mayoral election is not possible without the support of this constituency.

Breed refused to march in the parade as a sign of solidarity with her local police department. Officers were told by police that if they wish to participate in the Pride parade they must not wear their uniforms. This is not acceptable for police officers who risk their lives to protect citizens. Firefighters have also refused to march.

In 2020, the ban on uniformed marching was implemented. Cops objected but felt it was more important than ever to support the LGBT community. The cops decided enough was enough and refused to march without their uniforms.

Why was uniform wearing by cops banned?

The Advocate: Pride organizers claim they placed a restriction on the parade’s uniforms because many people in the LGBTQ+ community, especially those of color, feel unsafe and unprotected by police. According to Suzanne Ford, executive director at San Francisco Pride, “Some members of our community find the presence of police in the parade difficult given their past with the police department. So we want to honor and make sure people feel protected and secure.”

She added that law enforcement officers are welcome and encouraged to wear uniforms. They can wear matching T-shirts with the S.F. Police County Sheriff’s Department.

How can anyone leave their house if they feel threatened by someone wearing a police uniform? What are these parade organizers “protecting” people against? What are the threats they face that organizers have to keep people “safe?”

It’s all just bogus woke crap and London Breed knows this.

The breed has been a strong advocate for law enforcement in the past and continues to do so. Breed declared a state of emergency in the Tenderloin District of the city, calling for a crackdown against open-air drug sales and overdose deaths.

Los Angeles Times: “It is time to end the reign of criminals that are ruining our city. It will end when we are more aggressive in law enforcement. We are more aggressive in implementing changes to our policies. She also said she was less accepting of the bull–that had destroyed our city,” she stated in December.

Breed made a deal with liberals to defund law enforcement. Her emergency declaration allowed Breed to increase police budgets quickly and bypass city bureaucracy in order to provide more services for addicts and those who live on the streets. According to federal data, about one in 100 city residents is homeless. Some question the impact of the declaration, which expired just a few days ago.

Eric Garcetti, Lori Lightfoot, and Breed of Chicago were all shocked to learn that their “soft-on-crime and criminals” approach was a dangerous and disastrous failure. To combat the rise in violent crime and lawlessness, Breed has increased the police budget by a significant amount. Lightfoot and Garcetti have added hundreds of officers to their ranks to help.

Breed might have loved to go to Pride, but it is important that Breed stands with firefighters and police officers, sending a clear message to radical communities that being awake doesn’t mean that you can ridicule those who risk their lives to protect the LGBTQ community.


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