Why Didn’t LeBron James Want to Discuss the Senseless Murder at His Akron School?


LeBron James is a notorious racist who was unusually silent after a white teenager was beaten to death at his I Promise School in Akron, Ohio. This is in direct contradiction to the narrative LeBron James has promoted over the years.


Three young men were playing basketball at LeBron’s “I Promise” school after an altercation involving a SPlatRBall Softgel gun. The trio suckered Liming.
Liming was unconscious and fell to the ground. The trio beat him to death.
LeBron sent an unfinished Tweet that contained grammar and spelling mistakes.
Three black men were arrested by the U.S. Marshals in connection to the brutal murders of Tyler Stafford (19), Deshawn Stafford (20) and Donovon Jones (21 ).

Were the murderers who were playing basketball on LeBron’s I Promise School’s courts able to look at LeBron and take his racist, whiny nonsense seriously?

Are white people “hunting” black people in the U.S.? The FBI claims the exact opposite.

According to the FBI, blacks kill twice as many whites every year as whites.

Bill Liming. Ethan’s father suggested there might be a racial undertone to his son’s death.

Three African American men, and one woman, stood by and did nothing to help my son Ethan Liming. My son was murdered because he was seen as someone whose lives weren’t important to others.

The police claim they have no reason to believe this murder was race-related, yet we know that some of the friends Ethan was hanging out with were black. Though they allegedly did call 911 and attempt to get him into a car, it was just Ethan versus the three men who have since been arrested. No one else was even injured.

King James has yet to release a statement since the arrests.


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