Will the Left’s Control of Information Be the Death of America?

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On a sun-drenched February morning, Taylor Lorenz fixed her gaze on her target. Lorenz’s doll-like eyes stared at Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik. Lorenz’s eyes were the only facial feature visible. Her mouth and nose were completely hidden under her ubiquitous and entirely useless black mask. Raichik was wearing a T-shirt with a 10 x 12-inch photo of Lorenz’s crying face emblazoned on it. Before Lorenz could open her muffled mouth, Raichik was trolling Lorenz with her shirt. 

The interview was conducted at an open-air café in LA. Three years removed from COVID-mania, Lorenz was still wearing a cloth mask. Who got the “better” of the interview? Objectively, it was Raichik. Nonetheless, a “Google” search using: “Taylor Lorenz and Raichik and Interview” will yield almost entirely leftist takes, asserting that Lorenz nuked Raichik. The first 39 links are all leftist websites. My search term caused Apple to jump into my browser search with a popup. It suggested that I read the gay mag “The Advocate.” 

First on Google’s list was Lorenz’s own YouTube channel. Google’s next five suggestions are “Poynter” (leftist publisher and owner of Politifact), The Daily Beast, Mediate, The Forward, and again, The Advocate. 

One must scroll down a considerable amount before reaching the first site that suggested Raichik held her own. “The Post Millennial” was the first, in 40th place. Townhall and “RedState” were nowhere to be seen. 

That isn’t a bug; it’s a feature. 

Douglas Murray’s pre-George-Floyd 2019 book “The Madness of Crowds” discusses how Google’s algorithm manipulates searches. For instance, Murray asked Google to show him images of “straight couples.” Google gave him images of gay couples. His Google request for “European Art” yielded art depicting black people. When Murray asked Google for images of gay couples, he got images of gay couples.

Others tested Murray’s results. A request for “white men” yielded several photos of black men. The first image was that of Don Lemon. The vast majority of actual “white men” were cast in a negative light. Two images were of serial killers. 

Ask for “black men”? The results were handsome men, successful men, and all were black men. 

That was five years ago. 

Google rolled out its AI image-generating tool called Gemini. The results were comical and quickly mocked. Gemini produced images of black Abe Lincoln, black George Washington, black Vikings, and black Nazis. Regardless of what one asked for, the result was a black man or woman. “Women of Color” were the female preference for Gemini. White men and white women were so last century. Google slags told the world that Gemini had “missed the mark.” No, it hit Google’s mark. Gemini produced what Google engineers programmed it to do. People built Gemini. Gemini produced what its creators told it to generate. That Gemini’s bias was so obvious and forcefully anti-white was an embarrassment for Google – but only because Google’s mission to recast history was becoming comically obvious.  

Gemini reminds us of the thief who got caught. The criminal is not the least bit sorry he’s a thief, but he’s very sorry he got caught.  

The Silicon Valley humans who program AI and thus manipulate search results call it “machine learning fairness.” Fairness has nothing to do with it. It’s anything but. It is stridently unfair, and the engineers at Google and Apple know it. Google’s plan for Gemini isn’t to remove anti-white bias; the plan is to make it not as ridiculously obvious.  

Google is the internet librarian. Google leads all inquiries down the aisle that Google decides is best, and that is invariably and distinctly leftist aisles. Sure, you can eventually get to opposing opinions and relevant facts, but you have to work for it. 

Why is this important? 

GenZers and the ironically titled “Gen Alpha” have had their faces buried in screens for what seems to be their entire lives. When they look for information, they don’t read books; they Google. Politico, HuffPo, and Taylor Lorenz for example, are the end results. The search results tell them they live on a dying planet, that skin color trumps merit, and that gender has a spectrum. If contrary facts are presented to them, an inordinate number will scream and stick their fingers in their ears. A liberal niece of mine wrote something false online that she pulled off the internet. I corrected her, in private. Instead of correcting her mistake, she chose to “un-person” me.  She hasn’t spoken to me in eight years. She went to Cal Berkley and majored in English.  

Marxists, socialists, race-baiters, and race-haters aren’t just writing code for Google or Apple; they are formulating curricula and teaching at universities. 

Karen Attiah has three jobs. Like Lorenz, Attiah writes for the Washington Post. She also teaches at Columbia. Her third job is online agitation. 

Three years ago, in a now-deleted tweet, Attiah wrote: 

“White women are lucky that we are just calling them Karens. And not calling for revenge.” 

The Washington Post subsequently hired her and then promoted her to write about race. 

When Hamas murdered 1,200 people, raped captive women, and mutilated babies, Attiah “liked” and reposted a tweet that read

“What did y’all think decolonization meant? vibes? papers? essays? losers.”

As noted, she also teaches at Columbia, and her third job is agitating on X.

One of the “leaders” of the illegal occupation at Columbia is named Khymani James. Predictably, his pronouns are “He/She/They.” James wants to kill Zionists, aka Jews. He/she/they says, “Fight to kill.” He’s been agitating for one cause or another since he was 14.

For Attiah, Khymani James’s death threats don’t exist. 

Student protestors (and outside agitators) preventing Jewish students from going to class are just misunderstood. The violent rhetoric is all an illusion. Fortunately, agitators are being removed, and Columbia will start suspending them (and hopefully expelling some as well).

Attiah isn’t agitating alone. Far from it. At UCLA, faculty are aiding protestors who are calling for the extermination of Israel. 

From Harvard to UCLA, agitators are tearing down the American flag and raising the flag of “Palestine.” If one asked agitators what they want, they often answer with pablum, because they have been fed pablum. 

What is the root of this? Unfettered indoctrination by ideologues. They infest Silicon Valley. They infest academia. 

New York State’s Department of Education has developed a pedagogy that all cultures should have an equal seat at the table. 

New York State understands that the responsibility of education is not
only to prevent the exclusion of historically silenced, erased, and disenfranchised groups, but also to assist in the promotion and perpetuation of cultures, languages and ways of knowing that have been devalued, suppressed, and imperiled by years of educational, social, political, economic neglect and other forms of oppression. 

Nonsense. All cultures are not equal, and pretending that they are and instructing teachers to elevate all cultures to equal status makes a mockery of our own. One of the developers of Critical Race Theory does not belong in primary or secondary education. Critical thinking does. 

How to stop indoctrination? I’m not sure. I hovered over the final paragraph for quite some time. I still don’t know.  We might be at the point of no return. I hope not. I hope we are, instead, at a crossroads. Florida is leading the way with pedagogy designed to teach, not indoctrinate.  Facts do matter. There is no gender spectrum. Math is not racist. Palestine was never a country. Let’s get back to facts, and maybe we can save the country. 


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