Winsome Sears Lights up Liberal Justices for Their Affirmative Action Dissent

AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File

The Supreme Court handed down a monumental decision dealing with affirmative action, which dealt with two cases, one about Harvard and the other about the University of North Carolina. While Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson recused herself from the Harvard case, she wrote the dissenting opinion regarding the North Carolina matter.

“With let them eat cake obliviousness today, the majority pulls the ripcord and announces color blindness for all by legal fiat. But deeming race irrelevant in law does not make it so in life,” Jackson said.

Justice Clarence Thomas just ripped apart her dissent, noting that Jackson herself was applying “race-based stereotypes.”

Fox’s Martha MacCallum brought up the dissents of Jackson and Justice Sonia Sotomayor to Virginia Lieutenant Gov. Winsome Sears.

“She and Justice Sotomayor were outraged by this decision,” MacCallum explained. “Sotomayor said, ‘The opinion today will highlight the court’s own impetus in the face of America who cries for equality resound.’ What would you say to these justices?”

Sears did not hold back on what she thought.

“Well, what you have is the justice who was chosen because she’s black and because she’s a woman,” Sears responded, referring to Jackson. She even took a shot at KBJ ducking the definition of women, “You know, that’s what we’re understanding now, what a woman is.”

Sears pointed out that while our country is focused on such chaos, countries that wish us ill are not wasting their time in such a manner. She gets right to the heart of the matter of what we should be concentrating on and what we have to do to address some of the major problems in education.

And Martha, while we’re playing these stupid games, I’m saying that education and the lack of it in America is risen to a national crisis. China is not playing these stupid games. China is interested in total world domination, and so is Russia and the rest of them. That’s what we have to be concerned about. Our children are not learning. In fact, when they do graduate from high school and decide to go on to college, Martha, more than 60% of them, according to the statistics, need remedial education that very first year. So, you know how, uh, the president is talking about getting rid of student loans? Well, then the children are having to stay one extra year in college based on loans that they have taken for work that they should have completed when they were in high school. So, let’s cut that, and let’s get to what the remedies are. And I’m pulling for school choice. School choice now. Our children are in need.”

But the Democrats don’t seem to want to rectify the problems, they want to continue the discrimination that was apparent in these affirmative action cases while pitching constant racial victimhood to help their power.

Sears then went on to skewer the Democrats over that.

“We want all children to have an opportunity,” Sears declared. She explained how her father came with $1.75 in his pocket, yet used education to be the success that he was. She pointed to Kamala Harris being “second in command” and to herself as “second in command” of the “former capital of the Confederate States. Have things changed? They have! And I say to our children: you are overcomers. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re a victim. If you are a victim, that means you need a political savior. You don’t need them! Stay in school! Study! Burn the midnight oil!”

Sears just brings it back to reality — what a concept that education is supposed to be about education, not the latest victimhood narrative from the Democrats. It’s hard to say it better than she did.


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