With No Shame Left to Lose, MSNBC Interviews Michael Avenatti From Prison Because Orange Man Bad

AP Photo/Amanda Lee Myers, File

We truly live in the most absurd timeline, and that was proven again on Tuesday after MSNBC interviewed Michael Avenatti from prison to garner his “legal analysis” on Donald Trump.

Once touted as a possible presidential candidate by liberal news networks due to his rabid criticism of the former president, Avenatti is currently in the clink due to multiple convictions spanning everything from extortion to embezzlement. You would think that would make him persona non grata among journalistic outlets, but you’d be mistaken. 

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Thus, Ari Melber interviewed Avenatti, a convicted felon who is sitting in prison, as if he were a credible legal authority. You know what? Why not? It’s not like these people have any shame left to lose. They might as well go down in a ball of flames.

Some conservatives are plastering the above clip on social media because Avenatti appears to be saying what they want to hear regarding the flimsiness of Alvin Bragg’s prosecution. Let me say this about that: I don’t care if Avenatti comes out and says Donald Trump was the greatest president in history, no one should be citing him as an authority on anything.

The guy is a ridiculous con artist, and if I want someone to validate my already-held opinions, I won’t be looking to Avenatti. I’d suggest overly thirsty conservatives do the same and preserve some semblance of sanity in the chase for clicks and clout.

With that said, Avenatti eventually predicted that Trump would be convicted in the case despite its problems. 

He’s probably right on that front given the likely make-up of any Manhattan jury, but again, I’d rather take predictions from my dog than someone like Avenatti.

Regardless, the real story here is just how far MSNBC is willing to go to get their “orange man bad” fix. There’s no doubt that Melber and his producers booked this interview with the full expectation that Avenatti would just mindlessly rant about how evil Donald Trump is. That was the interview they wanted, and why would they think otherwise? 

That’s what Avenatti gave them for years as an on-air personality bouncing between MSNBC and CNN.  That the disgraced lawyer only sort of trashed Trump in this interview probably represented a supreme disappointment for MSNBC and its viewers. Better luck next time, I suppose. 


  1. Buttigeg has government provided security while he walks his dog, so of course he feels safe. Regular citizens get mugged & robbed while walking their dogs as they have no security in the DC area. Perfect example the people it happened to, just hours after his smug lying statement was put out. Disgusting


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