Woke Air Force Academy Trains Cadets On Microaggressions


The United States Air Force Academy instructs cadets how create inclusive environments that welcome all genders. ”

According to reports, the seminar presented at the Air Force Academy in Colorado was titled Diversity & Integration: Why We Care & How We Can Do. ”

This course is about diversity, inclusion, stereotypes and biases as well microaggressions and biases. Cadets will be asked to consider how they can foster inclusion.

According to the presentation, “DEI Conversations can be difficult.” We will share the discomfort. ”

According to the presentation, “a diverse and inclusive force in warfighting is essential.” ”

Dave Rubin’s content has been freed from tech censorship. The Rubin Report can be accessed now.One exercise requires cadets to list as many animals beginning with the letter “G”.

U.S. U.S. Air Force Academy instructs cadets to use only “person-centered language” that includes words that “include all genders.” Cadets are advised not to use gendered terms such as “mom,” “dad”, girlfriend, or “boyfriend” in the presentation. ”

The online store for the brick-and mortar gift shop at the Air Force Academy Colorado Springs sells “Air Force Academy Mom,” “Air Force Academy Dad,” and “Air Force Grandma,” merchandise such as mugs, stickers and shirts.

According to military training curriculum, it was not the N’, R’ or ‘F words nor the ‘Terrorist (for nationity); it happened. ”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R.Ark. Fox News: “Young kids don’t join the military to learn correct pronouns. It is there to protect the country and to kill the bad guys.”

According reports, the Air Force Academy received 28% fewer applications than 2021. Officials suspect that the decline in applications could be attributed to the COVID-19 outbreak, which has led to a drop in the number available for recruitment.

Last month, the Department of the U.S. Air Force set new demographic goals for the United States Armed Forces’ aerial branch.

Military.com stated that Air Force applicants should 67.5% be white, 13% black, and 10% Asian. Ethnicity goals are 15% Hispanic applicants for the Air Force and 36% female applicants for the Army.


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